Who is Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend, Jaime Taylor? Exploring Ravens QB’s dating history

Lamar Jackson stands out as undeniably one of the NFL’s most dynamic quarterbacks in recent memory. Since being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2018, his remarkable agility and strategic acumen have propelled the team to multiple illustrious seasons.

Owing to his superstar status in the league and his achievements inside the gridiron, he receives a lot of female attention outside of it. This naturally makes a lot of his followers curious about his current love interest, and so are we. Let’s have a look at the 26-year-old’s romantic life.

Who is Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend, Jaime Taylor?

Lamar Jackson has been in a committed relationship with his longtime girlfriend Jaime Taylor that has stretched for almost a decade now. The couple started dating during Jackson’s university days at the University of Louisville and have been together ever since.

Despite being three years younger than the Ravens’ remarkable QB, Jaime Taylor never lost touch with Jackson and kept their relationship intact through highs and lows. In fact, she has made a regular appearance at almost every Ravens game, even when she lived nine hours away in Louisville.

After graduating from the same alma mater as her beau, Taylor started spending a lot more time with Jackson, as they were seen together after games and touring the city. The couple got closer together during the COVID-19 pandemic, and shortly after, Jaime gave birth to their daughter Milan on January 4, 2021.

Exploring Lamar Jackson’s dating history

Since high school, Lamar Jackson hasn’t had any other relationships apart from the one with his current girlfriend Jaime Taylor. This is a testament to their love and dependence on each other. While both Jackson and Taylor do not speak publicly about their relationship, it is clear that the couple is committed to each other and their 2-year-old daughter Milan.

Lamar Jackson’s dating history

While there is no information about Jaime Taylor’s occupation, it is noted that she has a business of her own and does not rely solely on her boyfriend’s income. She is fully devoted to taking care of the family and their daughter.

Are wedding bells in the near future for this couple? At this point, there haven’t been any official announcements from either party. The pair is content with their present circumstances and will consider taking the next step in their relationship when the time feels right.


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