Who is Montez Sweat, secured by Bears with record-breaking $98 million contract?

The Chicago Bears, unfortunately, lost their quarterback Justin Fields due to an injury, triggering the team to sideline him during their week 7 and week 8 games while assisting the rookie quarterback Tyson Bagnet to kick off his NFL career. Hence, the team cunningly added Montez Sweat to put much pressure on the rivals’ quarterback and put them forward in the upcoming clashes.

With the move, the Bears also showcased the level of trust and optimism they are going to place on Sweat, offering him a record-breaking deal.

The Chicago Bears faced a setback when their quarterback, Justin Fields, suffered an injury. This forced the team to sit him out for weeks 7 and 8 while rookie quarterback Tyson Bagnet got his NFL career underway. In response, the team made a strategic move by adding Montez Sweat to apply pressure on the opposing team’s quarterback, enhancing their prospects in the upcoming games.

This addition also reflects the high level of trust and optimism the Bears have in Sweat, as they offered him a significant, record-breaking deal.

 Who is Montez Sweat?

Montez Sweat made his appearance in the NFL world as the Washington Commander’s 26th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He was the Commanders’ formidable troop for more than four years. 

His first four seasons in Washington saw him rack up 35.5 sacks, 85 quarterback hits, nine forced fumbles, and 11 passes defended in 67 games. Throughout his first four seasons in the league, the 27-year-old has piled up at least seven sacks, with a career-high nine in 2020.

Despite the Commanders’ recent struggles under new owner Josh Harris, who was adamant about changing the culture of the team, the pass rusher is on track to record a new career-high number of sacks this season. Sweat had 6.5 sacks after eight games, while none of his teammates had more than two.

Sweat becomes the fifth-highest-paid pass rusher in NFL

The Bears pocketed Montez Sweat from the Commanders for a second-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Per CBS Sports, the Chicago team did not hold back from offering the former Commanders player a hefty four-year, $98 million contract extension.

The deal set the player’s annual value at $24.5 million per year, making him the fifth-highest-paid pass rusher in the league in terms of AAV. Furthermore, the deal slotted him just below Myles Garrett at $25 million. Multiple teams had an interest in the Commander’s player, yet they could not express the level of courage that the Bears showed to acquire Montez.

The struggling Bears know the level of depth Montez can add to their defense, hence, the amount appears like a little one for them when the main concern is a bounce-back performance. Like the Commanders, the Chicago team has also been failing continuously to put forward a winning performance.

The first win the Bears saw this season was over the Commanders in Week 5, when they knocked down the Washington team with a blowout 40-20 win. Following that, week 7 gifted them their second and last victory so far this season.

Meanwhile, Chicago Bears cornerback Jayson Johnson is eager for a new contract. He expressed his desire to get it before the deal for Sweat is completed. However, as per Adam Schefter, it seems Johnson may have to wait a bit longer for his extension with the Bears.

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