Is John Cena hinting at WWE retirement with a cryptic IG post of David Beckham’s farewell from football? Exploring the possibility

John Cena is currently in the midst of his longest WWE run, remaining highly active in the wrestling scene. However, he has not secured any significant victories in the past few years, leaving fans eagerly anticipating a return to his earlier triumphs, though this seems challenging given the current circumstances.

In a recent development, Cena faced a brutal defeat at the hands of Solo Sikoa during the WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Premium Live Event, leading to speculation about his potential retirement following this loss.

Is John Cena hinting at WWE retirement?

Yesterday at WWE Crown Jewel 2023, John Cena competed against The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa in an intense singles match. On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Cena cooked Sikoa and Paul Heyman in a promo where he decimated their pride by comparing Sikoa’s abilities. The leader of the Cenation added insult to injury by suggesting that Solo Sikoa’s WWE employment was solely due to his cousin’s influence.

Despite John Cena delivering an exceptional promo, raising hopes among many fans, the outcome was quite different, as he suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of Solo Sikoa. The most memorable moment of the match occurred when Sikoa executed 10 Samoan Spikes on Cena, ultimately securing the victory. Fans were left stunned and disheartened by the defeat of their iconic wrestler.

Following his heartbreaking defeat at Crown Jewel, Cena shared a photo of his favorite footballer, David Beckham, on Instagram. The picture captured Beckham during his final football match on May 18, 2013, marking his retirement from the sport. At that time, the English player was a part of PSG in Ligue 1.

With this post, John Cena has created an uproar among the fans as they are speculating about his retirement. It is also to be noted that previously in an episode of SmackDown, he also teased his retirement.

John Cena WWE career recap

John Cena is undoubtedly one of the finest wrestlers in WWE history, possessing all three qualities of a good babyface: he’s a gifted speaker, naturally charismatic, and a dedicated performer. Throughout his career, he experienced both highs and lows, but his discipline and dedication allowed him to complete 20 years in the WWE ring.

In 1998, John Cena earned a degree in exercise physiology from Springfield College in Massachusetts. After relocating to California, encouraged by his father, who was a ring announcer in their hometown, Cena decided to take wrestling classes. He started his professional wrestling career under the name “The Prototype” in 2000.

Shortly after his debut, he captured the Ultimate Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship and caught the attention of WWE. He also signed with Ohio Valley Wrestling, which served as a training academy for WWE hopefuls at the time. In 2002, John Cena finally made his WWE debut after winning the Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Initially, he joined the WWE SmackDown roster, where he competed for three years before ascending to the position of WWE champion.

In 2005, he transitioned to the WWE Raw roster, which not only featured more famous wrestlers but also had a larger fan base at the time. After his move to Raw, Cena achieved remarkable feats by defeating legends like Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, The Rock, and many others. This elevated his career, leading him to become the United States Champion.

After 2010, Cena became a household name as he made millions of fans around the world. He has never turned heel because of his popularity as a babyface. Although there was once when it was proposed to make the leader of the Cenation heel which never really came to fruition because Vince McMahon was scared to lose his money.

Over his whole career, Cena has been 16 times WWE champion and he has also been the winner at several Money in the Bank events. Currently, John Cena doesn’t have any WWE titles but it is still not that far from reality for him to make another record by becoming the WWE champion for the 17th time.

Do you think Cena will be able to become WWE champion again? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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