Who is Paige accusing Anthony Edwards of impregnating her?

Anthony Edwards, known for his impressive on-court productivity and being hailed as one of the best rookies in recent times with immense potential, has recently found himself making headlines for his off-court escapades. Amid his rising fame and success, personal controversies seem to be heating up the atmosphere surrounding the young basketball prodigy.

The latest plot twist in Edwards’ off-court saga involves a mysterious woman named Paige, who has taken to social media to accuse the budding NBA star of impregnating her. While details about Paige and her relationship with Edwards remain largely unknown, her claims have captured equal attention to his on-court achievements.

Who is Paige accusing Anthony Edwards of impregnating her?

In a shocking turn of events, an Instagram model named Paige has come forward with claims that NBA star Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves impregnated her, as she has revealed their alleged conversation screenshots on her Instagram, shedding light on a troubling series of events.

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According to the leaked texts, Edwards is seen asking Paige to undergo an abortion. These revelations follow closely on the heels of Edwards’ girlfriend, Jeanine Robel, announcing her own pregnancy. The text exchange displayed Paige’s contention that Edwards was determined to avoid fatherhood with her replying, “Hell Naw, can’t do this. Get an abortion lol.”.

Proof of her pregnancy was shared by Paige through an image of a pregnancy test stick. She went on to claim that she had scheduled an appointment for December 27. Edwards, in response, allegedly pleaded with her to terminate the pregnancy. He even suggested consuming pills to facilitate the abortion, demanding photographic evidence of the pills and their ingestion.

Paige disclosed that two years ago, she had undergone an abortion, an action she deeply regretted. However, Edwards showed no willingness to discuss alternate options, insisting on providing financial support instead, as his texts hinted at a desire to avoid potential complications arising from the situation.

Anthony Edwards’ girlfriend recently announced pregnancy

Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Anthony Edwards also found himself at the center of a controversy following the announcement of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Jeanine Robel, Edwards’ girlfriend, also recently confirmed that they are expecting their first child together. However, allegations made by an Instagram model by the name of Paige Jordae have overshadowed their joyous news.

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Jordae claims that Edwards paid her to undergo an abortion, providing alleged screenshots of their conversations as well as a money transfer of $100,000. These revelations have caused fans to recall Edwards’ previous involvement in the Zion Williamson situation last summer.

In a video that resurfaced, Edwards is seen proudly introducing Robel as the woman in his life, accompanying the clip with a playful shot of their family dog. Despite their eight-year age gap, Edwards and Robel have remained committed to each other throughout their relationship. Robel, who was previously in a relationship with rapper Chief Keef, shares a son named Krue with him.

While Edwards has chosen to remain silent thus far, it is speculated that he will follow in Williamson’s footsteps by refraining from engaging in public disputes unless further serious allegations arise. The Timberwolves, currently leading the Western Conference, will hope that this off-court distraction does not affect their star player’s performance.

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