Why are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid expected to get a €1 billion bonus?

Barcelona has been contending with financial constraints, accounting for €1 billion in debt since before the season. Consequently, the club is exploring additional revenue streams such as organizing friendly exhibitions to raise funds. Stringent measures are implemented to reduce expenditures including prohibiting players from showering at their training facility to reduce water bills.

Barcelona earned €5 million to alleviate their financial burden by playing a friendly against the Mexican side Club Americana on Thursday, 21 December. Reportedly, the Spanish champions will also receive a hefty loyalty bonus from the Super League project for their unprecedented support of the competition.

Why FC Barcelona and Real Madrid expected to get a €1 billion bonus?

The Super League buzz seems to be non-settling at the moment, following the recent European Court of Justice judgment that ruled in favor of A22 sports venture, the company responsible for introducing the competition concept along with their founding club members.

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Earlier, UEFA’s warnings of potential sanctions and fans’ protests against the pioneer’s 12 members compelled other clubs to withdraw from the association, leaving only Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus in support. Since the case was taken to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), these three parties prominently backed the proposal.

The ECJ made it quite clear in their proceedings that UEFA, Europe’s soccer governing body, is not bound to restrict the formation of any other competition independently of their own, not lying under their supervision. This has prompted the stakeholders to propose a potential Super League format.

Subsequently, Barcelona and Real Madrid are eligible for €1 billion worth of monetary bonuses for backing the project, with their presidents Joan Laporta and Florentino Perez being among the main pillars of the rebellion against UEFA. Both Spanish clubs will only receive the rewards if the competition goes ahead. Thus, the Catalan giant can settle all their debt once and for all with these loyalty rewards.

Premier League clubs likely to be handed £300 million fine

All the Premier League clubs, who were among the founding teams of the Super League concept, have officially withdrawn their support since the ECJ judge and the formation of the competition took flight. 

Manchester City, Liverpool, united Chelsea, Spurs, and Arsenal have all rejected the plans to be part of the new venture. Also, the football governance bill is reported to be introduced to prevent the English sides from joining breakaway Super League

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However, according to the report, English clubs pulling out from the ESL may face penalties with heavy sanctions of up to £300 million. Additionally, big clubs such as Dortmund and Bayern Munich and several Italian and Spanish clubs have adopted a similar approach by declining the intention to join the Super League.

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