Why did Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney delete his social media account? Exploring the real reason

After a Lombardi Trophy-winning season, the Kansas City Chiefs were projected to sustain their supremacy in the NFL this season as well. Unfortunately, Patrick Mahomes’ team kicked off the regular season with a terrible loss in which their newly added receiver Kadarius Toney played a great role.

However, the Chief’s 21-20 loss to the Detroit Lions has brought a nightmare for the wide receiver, which has let the sports celebrity take a big step regarding his social media life.

Why did Kadarius Toney delete his social media account?

Without Chris Jones and veteran player Travis Kelce, the Chiefs took the field to take on the Detroit Lions. Therefore, a flawless performance from the Chief’s kingdom was not predicted. However, if the receivers, Skyy Moore and Toney, had been communicating well, things might have turned out very differently.

Both receivers had a horrible night, but Toney’s performance received more flak from the audience because he had more drops than receiving yards. One of his numerous dropped passes grabbed the attention of the crowd and resulted in a pick-6, with Brian Branch scoring for the Lions.

Kadarius Toney

The receiver received a ton of criticism for his poor performance, and the mockery became so overwhelming to him that, after the game, he erased his Twitter/X account to get rid of it.

NFL community brutally trolls Kadarius Toney

No one anticipated the Chiefs passing game to struggle as much as it did while Kelce was out of the lineup for the Chiefs. All eyes were on Kadarius Toney in particular because he recently joined the team after leaving the New York Giants.

The 24-year-old concluded the game with a total of zero yards from scrimmage, while the receiver only managed one completion for a total of one yard, despite Mahomes’ repeated tries. Following the game, he was dubbed the ideal celebrity meme due to his poor performance. Toney lost three passes, which in turn prompted the public to speculate about his hand.

In response to his frequent missed catches, one fan created a meme with the caption “Patrick Mahomes looking at Kadarius Toney in the locker room.”

Everyone is aware of how demanding Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is when it comes to his players’ performance; hence, the fans started to wonder whether the receiver would be sent back to the Giants’ facility, which they conveyed by creating amusing memes about him.

Aside from the Chiefs supporters, the Giants were particularly pleased with how the evening played out given the Chiefs receiver’s propensity for disparaging his former team and supporters. What is your opinion on the Chief’s receiver’s first performance in Kansas City? Let us know in the comment box.

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