Why did David Njoku arrive at Browns Stadium in a mask? Explaining the bizarre action of Browns TE

The Cleveland Browns witnessed a major blow on offense as their quarterback Deshaun Watson was ruled out due to a shoulder issue. Besides Watson, the recent incident regarding their tight end, David Njoku, raised eyebrows among the fans ahead of the team’s upcoming games.

While Njoku’s potential uncertainty started hitting the headlines, one of his off-field activities caught the attention of the NFL community. The veteran was snapped wearing a peculiar mask at the Browns stadium, and fans were left wondering what the reason behind his strange activity was.

David Njoku’s bizarre masked appearance

NFL players often arrive at the stadium on game day in striking outfits, and Njoku also came to the limelight by donning a tan fur trench coat, which gave fans a Halloween vibe for some time. However, the most attractive part of the footballer’s appearance was his flesh-colored mask, which covered his whole head aside from holes for his eyes.

David Njoku
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As Cleveland’s athletes headed to the field to warm up, the TE switched to a black mask. The new mask also covered most of his face. Hailing from New Jersey, David is an irreplaceable member of his team, and with his feat of solid blocking, he has 10 catches for 92 yards this season.

David Njoku
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Though the Browns’ offense is suffering terribly this season (especially after the injury of Nick Chubb), the vet played his part at the best, and even coach Kevin Stefanski mentioned this week that the offensive weapon has been a major contributor on several big plays of Cleveland through three games.

Njoku suffered burns in a freak accident

On Friday, Njoku suffered burns to his face and arm while he was trying to light a fire pit at his residence. Fortunately, the incident didn’t result in a terrible aftermath, and he didn’t have to get admitted to the hospital. However, the vet was checked out by the Browns doctors, per Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com.

Following the incident, Cleveland listed his game status as questionable on their final injury report, and fans couldn’t help speculating if something serious had happened to him. Nevertheless, the TE himself cleared the rumors on Saturday in a social media post, saying he would resume play in the next match against the Baltimore Ravens.

His agent, Malki Kawa, also updated his status, saying the 27-year-old is absolutely well, and thanked netizens for reaching out to him with encouraging messages.

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