Why did Malika Andrews seek a restraining order? Explaining frightening details of ESPN harassment incident

ESPN host and TV personality Malika Andrews has been living in fear since late 2022, along with some of her ESPN colleagues. She had several times been stalked by a man who appears to be a close fan of Andrews. The alleged man has been taken into custody and was arrested before by the police after repeatedly harassing Andrews and her colleagues.

This event entered another dimension last week when Malika Andrews appeared to seek a court restraining order to prevent the alleged Man from coming closer to her or her colleagues. Now seemingly the court has granted her request.

Why did Malika Andrews seek a restraining order?

Malika Andrews has obtained a restraining order against a man who has been stalking her and other ESPN colleagues for the past year. The man in question, Ahmed Abubakar, is alleged to have harassed Malika Andrews, Stephen A. Smith, and Molly Qerim. As per reports from TMZ, Malika Andrews claims what began with messages on X in September 2022 eventually led to Abubakar showing up at ESPN offices and Qerim’s residence.

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TMZ reported last week that Andrews seeks a restraining order as she plans to stop Abubakar from coming close to her. This was reported by DailyLoud on their X account as, “Malika Andrews seeks restraining order against man who allegedly stalks ESPN employees”.

However, to stop the constant harassment, the court has approved a restraining order for Andrews against Abubakar. This order prohibits Abubakar from approaching within 100 meters of her and several other ESPN employees, including Smith and Andrews’ fiancé, Dave McMenamin.

The alleged, Abubakar got arrested last month for showing up at Qerim’s Connecticut house. During the past summer, he harassed Andrews by phone after he somehow got hold of her unlisted number. Malika Andrews remains confused about how Abubakar managed to obtain her number.

Frightening details released in Malika Andrews’ ESPN Harasser incident

Malika Andrews has faced frightening situations lately. The ESPN reporter had to get a temporary restraining order due to concerns for her safety on multiple occasions. TMZ’s report sheds light on how Abubakar’s actions towards Andrews began.

In September 2022, Abubakar started messaging her on social media, and initially, it seemed like a typical fan interaction. However, it quickly escalated into threatening and harassing behavior, affecting both her and her colleagues’ personal lives.

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According to alleged messages released by TMZ, Abubakar calls Andrews “a malignant c( )t’ and a ‘gold digging… b( )h and w( )e.’” He even went further to say, “I hope endometriosis destroys all your genital organs so that you never get a man”. These messages were directly delivered on social media to Malika Andrews.

Malika Andrews who has been on a career upswing, breaking barriers for female sports reporters, such as hosting the NBA draft in 2022 has been a victim of harassment from Abubakar, who is a 41-year-old man from New Jersey. We hope the court restraining order will limit this indecent act from Abubakar in weeks to come.

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