Why did Panthers fire GM Scott Fitterer after NFL 2024 regular season?

In a rush to change the losing culture, the Carolina Panthers previously sacked their head coach, Frank Reich, after just 11 games into his first season. At that time, the team was struggling with a 1-10 record. As their general manager Scott Fitterer’s efforts could not significantly alter the team’s fortunes, the team decided to untie their knot with the general manager as well.

Sacking the general manager after the end of the season was the team’s prudent and long-headed decision that they must take to get rid of this losing streak.

Why was GM Scott Fitterer fired by the Panthers?

 According to reports from the Charlotte Observer, the firing of Scott Fitterer was driven by various issues, including quarterback challenges, unproductive draft picks, and unsuccessful free-agent moves during Fitterer’s tenure.

In 2022, Fitterer’s decision to trade up for quarterback Matt Corral proved to be a misstep, as Corral is no longer part of the team. Another questionable move from the previous season was the trade of star running back Christian McCaffrey to the San Francisco 49ers.

McCaffrey’s stellar performance with the 49ers has elevated him to an MVP front-runner, making this trade a regrettable decision for the Panthers. Additionally, trading DJ Moore further weakened the offensive lineup by depriving it of a key weapon.

The Panthers made headlines in the recent season by selecting Bryce Young, who faced struggles throughout the campaign, contributing to the team’s offensive challenges. 

Furthermore, Fitterer’s moves in acquiring veteran quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield also did not yield the desired results. The trade with the New York Jets involving a sixth-round pick in 2021, along with second- and fourth-round picks in 2022 for Darnold, went totally wrong for them.

The announcement of Fitterer’s departure was made on Monday by team owner David Tepper.

Despite the parting of ways, Tepper expressed appreciation for Fitterer’s efforts in fostering a winning culture. Tepper emphasized the need for a new direction for the franchise, leading to the decision to relieve Fitterer of his general manager duties.

With the sacking saga, Fitterer’s stint with the Panthers, which began in 2021, concluded with a record of 14-37. 

 Did the Panthers make it into the NFL playoffs?

The Carolina Panthers concluded the 2023 NFL season under the guidance of Scott Fitterer with a disappointing 2-15 record. It marks the worst performance among all NFL teams this season. With the record, the dream of making the playoffs turned into an unattainable goal that can’t even be achieved in a dream.

The Panthers’ final two games painted a bleak picture as they suffered back-to-back shutout losses. The Jacksonville Jaguars handed them a crushing 26-0 defeat, followed by a 9-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This dismal stretch made the Panthers the first team since the 2008 Cleveland Browns to endure consecutive weeks without putting any points on the scoreboard.

The lack of offensive production was an evident issue, as the team rarely found itself in a leading position throughout the season. The inability to secure victories and compete at a high level reflected the challenges faced by the Panthers.

Young, who was expected to be a key figure for the team’s future success, concluded his debut season by accumulating 2,738 passing yards, throwing 11 touchdowns, and recording 10 interceptions. 

After the firing of the head coach and general manager, the team fans are now eagerly waiting for the coming of a legendary head coach and changing the wheel of the Panthers’ misfortune.

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