Logan Paul faces backlash from beauty community over released bruise photo inflicted by Kevin Owens: “Get a better artist”

Mark Henry has been quite complimentary of Logan Paul, comparing the YouTube sensation to WWE icon Owen Hart, who is highly regarded by fans of the brand. One example of how attitudes toward outsiders in wrestling have changed is the last SmackDown event when Kevin Owens punched Logan Paul so hard that it left a noticeable scar on Paul’s face.

Some of his fans are making fun of him and even suggesting that the scar is just makeup. Logan Paul’s presence in WWE still manages to spark attention, even if responses have been divided.

Logan Paul’s bruise photo sees backlash from beauty community

On the most recent SmackDown program, “New Year’s Revolution,” YouTube star Logan Paul got into a confrontation with Kevin Owens, the former WWE champion and his opponent in the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Paul was left with a damaged face after being punched by Owens, who is not one to let things slip. Paul had criticized his next opponent on the microphone after Owens won the United States Championship Tournament finals, which led to revenge.

After the incident, Logan Paul posted an Instagram photo of himself with a black eye, which was caused by Kevin Owens’ strike. Others wondered whether Paul had used fake makeup to make the injuries seem worse, while others congratulated Owens for the genuine hit. Some of Paul’s followers responded with the amusing suggestion that he should hire a better makeup artist the next time.

There was also an account that made fun of Logan by saying that the former Hollywood star Amber Heard gave him fantastic makeup advice. However, their next match at the Royal Rumble is already highly anticipated, and this event has further raised the stakes.

Logan Paul set to defend his US title vs Kevin Owens

After defeating Austin Theory, Carmelo Hayes, and Santos Escobar, KO won the U.S. Title Tournament. His path to the title got a greater amount of attention besides Roman Reigns’ Triple Threat Match appearance.

Logan Paul
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Owens took on Logan Paul, the social media superstar, after his fight with Escobar, and his cast knocked Paul out. Even though KO has been fighting with the group lately, he is still determined to win his fourth United States Championship. Owens has a long record of titles, although he hasn’t won a singles title since 2017.

Since his victory against Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel, Paul—the current U.S. Champion—has been riding high. Many people are angry with him because he proudly displays the title. While the anticipated challenge or callout didn’t happen immediately, it is now official that they will square off in the upcoming Royal Rumble, as confirmed by WWE.

From your point of view, who will emerge victorious from the WWE United States Championship? Share your opinion in the comment section.


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