Why do former champions Leicester risk Premier League points deduction upon return?

England is currently undergoing a period affecting numerous clubs across all its divisions, and Leicester could potentially experience it firsthand. Premier League club Everton has already received a points deduction, and alongside Nottingham Forest, may face another such penalty.

Several other clubs, including Manchester City, are also under investigation as the English FA and Premier League work to enforce Financial Fair Play rules. However, a peculiar punishment is also in preparation for a lower-tier club.

Leicester in danger of PL points deduction for financial rule breach?

Leicester has a significant likelihood of beginning the next season with a points deduction. Despite their relegation last season and their current strong prospects for promotion back to the Premier League, a potential setback awaits them. The Foxes are under investigation for Financial Fair Play (FFP) violations, risking punishment.

The club’s sustained losses in recent years have put them in a precarious position. According to Premier League rules, a top-tier club is allowed to incur a maximum loss of £70 million over two years, whereas a second-tier club can only lose £13 million in a year. Leicester may face challenges as they could potentially exceed this limit, even if they secure a lucrative promotion back to the top tier of English football.

They incurred a huge £92.5 million loss in the 2021-22 season, and also experienced a similar loss the next fiscal year, though it is still undisclosed. They are also being investigated for apparently losing more than £105 million in their last three Premier League season, the maximum limit allowed. This is a similar charge that Nottingham Forest and Everton are now fighting, which they escaped as they are in the Championship now.

However, if they are promoted next season to the Premier League, they could be charged again, and this could mean they will be most probably given a points deduction right as they begin the Premier League season. It will be the first time it has happened in the history of the league, with a team starting with a negative point balance from the start.

Can Leicester City be promoted to Premier League?

Leicester City has demonstrated their superiority in the second division, leading the EFL Championship with 82 points from 37 games. With 9 games remaining, their promotion to the Premier League seems secure, either through direct qualification or the playoffs.

Despite the potential points deduction, if they secure promotion, they are eligible to compete in the Premier League next season. Notably, Leicester achieved a remarkable league win in the 2015-16 season against all expectations. While possessing a strong squad, they may face the challenge of selling key players due to financial constraints.

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Leicester City will next face Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter finals on Sunday, and hope to further make it through the cup competition.

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