Is Helmut Marko suspended from Red Bull following alleged media leak investigation?

It is widely acknowledged that Red Bull finds itself in an extremely dangerous situation presently, with its team leader facing the significant threat of job loss and a tarnished reputation following a leak of sensitive documents.

However, the consequences of this leak extend beyond just the team leader, potentially impacting other members of RB too. Helmut Marko, the team advisor, has also been significantly impacted by these events, as suggested by some of the recent reports spread throughout the media.

Why is Helmut Marko under investigation?

Last week, Christian Horner’s case took a completely new turn despite being proved “innocent” according to an internal investigation conducted by a barrister. The barrister was hired by Red Bull’s parent company, which had compiled 100 pages of evidence to demonstrate the innocence of the team boss.

However, the situation escalated dramatically when, just 24 hours after the verdict was made public, a document containing all of the confidential information and images was distributed via email to 100 Formula 1 individuals within the industry. Following the leak of the images, F1 fans expressed outrage over the 50-year-old’s treatment of his personal assistant.

Currently, the FIA and F1 are actively engaged in identifying the individuals responsible for leaking the images. On the other hand, the team advisor of the squad, Helmut Marko, has disclosed that he was considered the primary suspect in the case, given that only a few had access to the confidential information, of which he was one.

The 80-year-old is scheduled to meet with Red Bull GmbH managing director Oliver Mintzlaff on Saturday in Jeddah to discuss the situation further.

When asked to elaborate further on the situation, Marko responded, “I’ll put it this way; it’s difficult to judge or let’s put it this way; ultimately, I’ll decide for myself what I do. The theoretical possibility always exists.”

“I think it’s such a complex issue. Again, we want peace in the team. This world championship will be difficult enough with 24 races, and we have to concentrate on that.”

While the investigation is underway, Helmut Marko could come under fire if the accusations against him are proven true.

Red Bull could suspend Helmut Marko

Due to the recent leakage of the images and files, Red Bull has considered taking serious action against Marko if it is proven that he was the one behind exposing Christian Horner.

The Austrian, too, is aware of the consequences and has acknowledged the possibility of not being able to attend the team’s upcoming race in Australia. Honda has also been pressuring the team more for clarity and answers regarding the situation.

When asked about it, Marko replied, “That’s internal, but they want a clear statement about what really happened.”

“But the most important thing is that we get back to the sporting side of things and that the team concentrates on what is important. That’s working quite well at the moment.”

Remains to be seen if Marko will be proven innocent after the end of the investigation.

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