Why does Premier League demand 12-point deduction for Everton? Investigating the real reason

The Premier League’s Financial Fair Play rules involve a threshold for allowable losses. Everton Football Club faced challenges in complying with these rules, as they fell below the threshold when it was set at ÂŁ105 million.

At present, Sean Dyche’s Everton is positioned in 16th place in the Premier League table. If the Premier League’s recommendation for a potential 12-point deduction is implemented, Everton would find themselves with a deficit of minus five points. This would present a substantial challenge for the club to maintain its position in the league. In fact, newly-promoted Luton Town, currently occupying the 17th spot, would be 10 points ahead of Everton following the deduction.

Why does PL want 12-point deduction for Everton?

The Telegraph has reported that the Premier League has suggested a 12-point deduction for Everton as part of its case against the club for violating profit and sustainability regulations. This recommendation comes as a significant development in the ongoing investigation into Everton’s financial dealings.

Telegraph Sports further adds that the Premier League has recommended an extremely severe punishment, potentially up to a maximum of 12 points, for Everton’s breach of profit and sustainability rules. If such a penalty were to be imposed, it would place the club in a precarious position, given their history of relegation battles and their current position of 16th in the league, just three points above the relegation zone.

An independent commission is currently holding an investigation into Everton’s financial dealings. The club has lost over ÂŁ304 million over a three-year period, a loss margin that is significantly above the amount of ÂŁ105 million set out by the Premier League.

It is understood that the final decision regarding this matter rests on the Independent Commission. However, the Premier League insists that Everton will face a point deduction if found guilty.

The statement from the Premier League reads: “The proceedings before the commission will, in accordance with Premier League Rule W.82, be confidential and heard in private.

Under Premier League Rule W.82.2, the Commission’s final award will be published on the Premier League’s website. The League will be making no further comment until that time.”

In addition to the investigation, Everton is currently engaged in takeover discussions with Miami-based investment firm 777 Partners, following Farhad Moshiri’s agreement to sell his 94% stake in the club last month.

Despite the Premier League’s recommendation of a potential 12-point deduction for Everton’s alleged breach of profit and sustainability rules, the club remains firm in its position, asserting that it has adhered to the rules. Everton is determined to “robustly defend” its stance, citing exemptions related to circumstances such as the coronavirus crisis, which they believe will absolve them of any wrongdoing.

Everton’s start to this year’s PL

Everton began their Premier League campaign with a series of fixtures against Fulham at home, Aston Villa away, and Wolves at home. The highly anticipated Merseyside derby unfolded at Anfield on October 21, where Everton traveled to face Liverpool and was defeated 2–0. Fans can look forward to the return fixture scheduled for March 16 at Goodison Park, creating another exciting clash between the two rival clubs.

The Telegraph

Highlights from the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton at Anfield follow that Mohamed Salah played a pivotal role in securing victory for Liverpool as his goals earned them a win against their rivals, Everton. In the fiercely contested match, Ashley Young received a red card for Everton, while Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konate was lucky to escape a similar punishment.


Everton currently sits at 16 on the Premier League table after nine matches played. They have won only two games, drawn one, and lost six games played in the 2023–24 Premier League season. They are currently out of the relegation zone by only 3 points.

Everton will travel to face West Ham United in their next Premier League fixture. Can they turn their misfortune around? Tell us your predicitons in the comments.


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