Chiefs’ Travis Kelce brushes off Aaron Rodgers’ debate challenge with a lighthearted response

After winding up a Super Bowl winning season, 2023 has appeared as a major blessing for the Kansas City Chiefs star player Travis Kelce as his back-to-back stunning performance coupled with his dating rumor with popstar Taylor Swift. As the reporters are vying to report all of the activities of the pair under scrutiny, the Jets star player Aaron Rodgers intended to write his name beside Kelce in the headlines after targeting him consecutive times.

Nevertheless, every time the Chiefs tight end has come out with a witty response and this time went no exception after Rodgers threw him a challenge for a potential debate.

Kelce responds to Rodgers’ debate invitation

Recently, the quarterback for the New York Jets suggested engaging Travis Kelce in a tag-team argument and the 39-year-old also picked a debate partner for both of them. While Aaron was prepared to have independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his debate partner, he advised Travis Kelce to get the assistance of former top medical advisor Anthony Fauci.

On “I Am Athlete’s Paper Route” podcast, the 34-year-old denied the offer, claiming himself not to be a debater. The two-time Super Bowl winner has knowledge about Rodgers’ humorous take; hence he claimed that Aaron was just having a little bit of fun.

“I’m no debater, man. You’re not going to see me up here going in the great debate against Aaron Rodgers over something like [COVID‑19 vaccines]. I think it’s all fun and games at least between us, and I got all the respect for him.”

After Rodger’s idea, the NFL community may have anticipated a fierce debate, but Travis’ response crushed any hopes of seeing such a passionate exchange.

Aaron Rodgers mocked Travis Kelce as ‘Mr. Pfizer’ over vaccine ads

The underperforming Jets took the field to battle Patrick Mahomes’ team in Week 4. Nevertheless, in spite of having wished to battle Rodgers on the field, Mahomes missed it for the third time as every time an occurrence took the way to spoil their meetup on the field. This time Mahomes and Kelce gang managed to secure an unimpressive 23-20 win, getting a great support from the officials.

Though A-rod couldn’t play with his team on the field, he kept his eagle on Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Interestingly, both of the Chiefs players failed to attract the Jets hero as he boldly claimed it following the game.

Rodgers’ revelation added another level of excitement after he mentioned the eight-time Pro Bowler end as ‘Mr. Pfizer’ for stating that the Jets defensive linemen succeeded in keeping ‘Mr. Pfizer’ during the whole game.

Travis Kelce
NY Post

“[It was a] moral victory out there. That we hung with the champs and that our defense played well, and Pat [Mahomes] didn’t have a crazy game, and Mr. Pfizer [Kelce], we kind of shut him down. He didn’t have his crazy impact game.”

The reason behind this humorous nickname was nothing but Travis Kelce’s active participation in vaccine war during Covid-19, as an ambassador of Johnson and Johnson Company. In contrast, Rodgers was in the headlines for skipping vaccines intentionally.

Per CBS Sports, the Chiefs’ cool tight end approved the name given by A-rod, saying “I thought it was pretty good”.

What’s your take on Rodgers’ back-to-back shot on the Chief’s star and Kelce’s response regarding it?

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