Why is Lakers’ LeBron James calling NBA to look into Cavs’ court issue following Dru Smith injury?

LeBron James is arguably one of the most influential players in the league currently, showcasing admirable respect and support for other players. In his 21st season, with a history of devastating injuries, LeBron James deeply understands the challenges players face with injuries.

Following a season-ending injury to a Miami Heat guard against the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James’s reaction has raised significant concerns, urging immediate action by the NBA.

Why is LeBron James calling NBA to look into Cavs’ court issue?

The season-ending injury incident of Dru Smith has inspired LeBron James to call on the NBA to look into safety concerns about the court at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Concerns surround the unique design of the court, as there is a significant drop of about 10 inches from the basketball court to the thin sheet of rubber covering the hockey ice beneath it.

LeBron James calling NBA to look into Cavs' court amid a reported Dru Smith season ending injury.
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LeBron James has played on the Cavaliers’ court many times, hosting over 1,200 regular season games, including numerous playoff runs. The incident involving Miami Heat guard Dru Smith has now exposed potential hazards on the court.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra labeled the court as dangerous and expressed doubt that there would be a change. Spoelstra also added that the Cavaliers’ court has the worst court drop in the league.

LeBron James while speaking with Joe Vardon of the Athletic, was asked if he agreed with the summation of coach Erik Spoelstra, shared the same Erik’s view, and added that the league should look into the situation and address it.

How did Dru Smith injure his leg during Lakers-Cavs game?

Dru Smith’s injury incident during the Heat and Cavaliers’ matchup is one that could have been prevented, ultimately ending his season. In a circulated clip, Dru Smith is seen during the second quarter of the game contesting a corner 3-point shot by Max Strus.

He fell after encountering a piece of paper lying on the sideline near the Cavaliers’ bench. Landing on the paper caused him to slip, and his right foot went off the edge of the elevated court, resulting in a knee buckle.

Following an assessment of Dru Smith’s injury, it was discovered that he suffered a Grade 3 ACL sprain, which sidelines him for the rest of the season. According to reports, the Cavaliers’ court has been a raised court since 1994 when they played in the Quicken Loans Arena. Adding an extra layer of wood to separate the ice from the basketball court can elevate the floor.

While other teams also host hockey games, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the only team known for having a court drop, and LeBron James is among those urging swift action by the league. With the Heat also missing guard Tyler Herro, who suffered a Grade 2 sprain earlier in the month, the team could be facing a challenging season.

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