Why was Travis Hunter taken to the hospital? Examining Colorado WR’s condition

The Colorado Buffaloes clinched victory over one of their rivals Colorado State Rams on Saturday in an intense collegiate football matchup. Travis Hunter, who plays both wide receiver and cornerback for the Buffaloes, was a hero of the match. The victory also once again solidified the Buffaloes’ new head coach Deion Sanders’ legacy in the campaign.

Besides on-field rivalry, the match was headlined for trash talks between players from both teams. Hunter probably had to pay the price of those heated words on the field as he fell prey to the violence of the opponents on the field.

Why was Travis Hunter taken to the hospital?

During the 1st quarter of the Buffaloes vs Rams match, Henry Blackburn delivered a hard hit on Travis Hunter, that took him out of the field for some time. The hit from Blackburn costed his team a roughness penalty, and on-field chaos unfolded as players from both sides engaged in serious trash talk.

Travis Hunter returned to the field when his team’s defense took the field and scored a tackle in the second quarter. Nevertheless, he left the field in the second half of the game and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Hunter remains hospitalized for further evaluation, although his exam condition has not been disclosed yet. Buffaloes’ head coach Deion Sanders stated that the youngster is set to miss ‘a few weeks’ due to the injury.

The Rams star Ayden Hector was also given a foul for his unsportsmanlike conduct. Many veteran players like the NBA star LeBron James, and former NFL standout J.J. Watt took to social media for not calling out Blackburn in the first quarter, and ejecting him from the match.

Travis Hunter slandered opponents before kickoff

In a video posted by ESPN‘s official account on X, formerly known as Twitter, Travis was seen taunting the Rams players when they were having a practice session on the field before facing off against each other.

“Oh my god, you are so big and bad.”, the 20-year-old said in a mocking tone, aimed at the CSU players before going on to dap one of his fellow teammates.

In another video posted by SportsCenter, he was seen running towards the fans to deliver some heated words to his rivals before the start of the game.

“They done messed with the wrong team. All talk, no bite.”

Some other Buffaloes players were also involved in these trash talks during warmups. Shedeur was seen losing his cool when a Colorado State player labeled him as the ‘weakest on the field’. Earlier this week, the Rams coach Jay Norvell took a dig at Sanders’ signature look, albeit Coach Prime took an indirect revenge for that jab by exercising his coaching caliber on the field.

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