Former Chiefs QB Alex Smith offers unfiltered take on Patrick Mahomes’ arrival: “I knew my time was running out”

Ever since Patrick Mahomes assumed the role of the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, he has consistently dazzled fans and ignited his team with the playmaking prowess he honed during his time at Texas Tech. This strategic shift by the Chiefs, handing Mahomes the reins of their offense, paved the way for an illustrious NFL career, replete with accolades and successes. However, this pivotal decision also spelled the end of Alex Smith’s tenure as the team’s starting quarterback.

The quarterback swap was a calculated move aimed at addressing the Chiefs’ offensive challenges, and it paid dividends with the emergence of the talented rookie Mahomes, as the former Chiefs first-string quarterback recently acknowledged.

Alex Smith opens up about Patrick Mahomes’ draft

Approaching the twilight of his four-season tenure in Kansas City, Alex Smith did not initially appear to be the solution that would ease Andy Reid’s concerns about their offensive lineup. As anxiety loomed, however, a potential remedy was in the works, ultimately leading the Chiefs to trade their seasoned starter for the rising star, Patrick Mahomes.

At the time Patrick Mahomes was poised to embark on his NFL journey, Alex Smith had already accumulated 13 seasons in the league. With age, his prowess began to wane, no longer satisfying the demands of his team. Amid these circumstances, the Chiefs’ interest in the 28-year-old signal-caller signaled the countdown to Smith’s departure from Kansas City, a revelation he shared during his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

“What the hell were they thinking? That’s what was going on in my mind. I knew when they drafted him, the time was running. And at that point, I was in my 13th year, and you’re not guaranteed anything. Like if I didn’t play good football, they were gonna find somebody that could.”

It cannot be denied that Smith proved himself as a formidable leader for the Chiefs. With his dazzling prowess, he guided the team to the playoffs on four separate occasions in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017, securing two playoff victories along the way.

When did Mahomes become a Chiefs player?

Smith was the Chiefs’ heart, but it was not functioning properly as they were missing the Super Bowl each season, prompting them to add Patrick Mahomes as their No. 10 pick in the 2017 NFL draft, per the Kansas City Chiefs.

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However, the Chiefs were not too quick to make a decision; hence, they allowed Patrick Mahomes to play as a backup for Smith during his whole rookie season. In 2018, Reid perhaps got the solution and traded Smith to the former Washington Redskins.

Since then, the Chiefs did not have to look back as their quarterback fulfilled their Super Bowl thirst twice within just four seasons. Entering his seven seasons with the Chiefs, there was rarely a match that the team had to feel regret for their decision regarding their dual-threat quarterback. 

By dint of his supremacy, he broke several records this season. Meanwhile, his Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce also assumed a stellar resume of his teammate to surpass the record of the NFL legend Tom Brady.

Thanks to his unparalleled performance, he shattered numerous records this season. Furthermore, Chiefs’ tight end and rumored boyfriend of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, crafted an impressive résumé of his own, surpassing NFL legend Tom Brady’s record.

Do you think Kelce’s prediction will come true?

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