With 100.8 third highest rookie passer rating, CJ Stroud fuels hopes and leads path for Texans dynasty

Well, it’s official. The Houston Texans are playoff-bound. This remarkable feat has been achieved mainly by the blockbuster pairing of rookie coach DaMeco Ryans and rookie sensation CJ Stroud, QB1 for the Texans.

The combination of the two has proved deadly for their opposition and has transformed the Texans outfit this season into a force to be reckoned with. Recently, the brilliance of rookie CJ Stroud got the stamp of authority from the stat house of the NFL, which gave him a coveted title only a few have managed to achieve. Let’s find out more.

Masterclass in accuracy: Analyzing C.J. Stroud’s elite passer rating

Anyone who watched the Houston Texans take on the opposition defenses this season could have told you that CJ Stroud’s passing ability was simply out of this world. Blessed with elite accuracy, a quality possessed only by the rarest of the rare in the NFL, Stroud has led his team from the front and taken them to the playoffs in his first attempt.

In the game against the Indianapolis Colts, his skill was on full display as he took apart their defense on numerous occasions with his pinpoint accuracy and deadly speed. That is why he has been ranked on the list of rookies with the highest passer rating of all time. Stroud is in elite company, of course, only behind Dak Prescott (2016) and Robert Griffin III (2012).

Coach DaMeco Ryans also waxed lyrical about his QB’s passer rating in the post-game press conference. “He doesn’t surprise me,” Ryans told reporters after the win. “That’s who he is, one of the best passers in this league and he shows it week in and week out.” For someone who sleeps with a football beside him, CJ Stroud has been doing quite well for himself.

Coach DeMeco Ryans and QB C. J. Stroud first rookie-rookie combo to get to postseason since Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck in 2012

In a bizarre turn of events, coach DaMeco Ryans and CJ Stroud are the first rookie-rookie combo to make it to the playoffs since Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck in 2012. However, Stroud and co. will be looking to make it farther than that, probably even to the Super Bowl.

The coach-QB pairing has been one for the history books in terms of camaraderie and tutelage and the whole league has borne witness to the brilliance of the two. Even in their most recent win against the Indianapolis Colts, their partnership from the sidelines to the center of the gridiron was clearly visible.

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