Xavi feeling ‘not valued enough’ led to Barcelona exit decision

The soccer world was shocked, especially Barcelona fans, when it was announced by Xavi and the club that he would be stepping down. The midfield legend had come back to the club as manager in 2021 and helped them return to glory, winning the La Liga and Spanish Super Cup trophies last season.

But this season saw his side’s form drop massively, with major defeats to rivals and being knocked out of two trophies already. The league title is also seemingly vanishing, and the UCL does not seem to be a reality. All of these played a part in his departure, but there was something else too.

Xavi discloses real reason for his decision to leave Barcelona

It is not a secret that Barcelona is one of the toughest clubs to work at, being one of the most historical and biggest clubs. And it is especially difficult for the manager to be appreciated at the club. Past managers like Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique are prime examples of being criticized even after experiencing so much success.

Xavi was also subjected to the same pressure, especially after the club’s performances started to diminish in quality, which affected the results. In his defense, the club could not reinforce itself in the summer due to financial conditions, and he did not get his desired transfer targets. While players like Gavi have been injured, and some have also been very down in form,.

The media, fans, and even the board started to apply pressure to the manager, and it seems it got to him. Despite the miracles since his arrival, there were many calls for his exit, and Xavi and his family were being affected mentally and physically.

The Spaniard explained that his decision to leave was from the beginning, as he felt undervalued: “The decision on my resignation has been made for a long time, our work is not valued enough. Honestly, I had decided to leave from the beginning of the season.”

Xavi’s managerial record at Barcelona

Xavi had arrived in 2021, when Barcelona were in a disastrous position under Ronaldo Koeman. He then ensured the club’s UCL qualification and kept them competitive. The next season, he won both the Spanish Super Cup and the La Liga trophies.

His numbers would be considered good at any other club, but perhaps not favorably at a club like Barcelona. He has taken charge of 122 matches since his arrival at the club as a manager and has won 76 of those. This means he had a 62% winning percentage, which is not quite good.

The Spaniard lost 26 games, making him the worst Spanish coach in Barcelona’s history in that aspect. The rest of the 20 games were draws. Furthermore, he had an average of 2 points per game and an average of 1.89 goals scored and 1.08 conceded.

Barcelona will face Osasuna in La Liga tomorrow, and Xavi will continue to fight for his club to stay competitive till the end.

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