Jake Paul on KSI showdown: They said beat Gib and then we will fight, keep running buddy

Jake Paul and KSI had similar journeys in professional boxing, although Jake has already made a serious commitment to his boxing career, while KSI is still figuring out the perfect moment to make significant moves. Since both influencers turned boxers have similarities, no wonder fans are expecting a blockbuster fight between them.

For the past six years, there have been daily rumors about the imminent KSI vs. Jake Paul fight, but nothing has materialized. Both Paul and JJ have dodged the question of whether the bout will actually happen or not.

Jake Paul’s cryptic tweet hints at KSI’s excuse to avoid fighting

But it looks like something for fans might show up this year. Jake Paul, who is now looking for a professional boxing championship, registered his first ever win against André August last December.

Now he is preparing for his next matchup on March 2nd in the co-main event, where the opponent hasn’t been announced yet, but the money fight rumors are always there for Paul. It is worth nothing that Jake Paul and KSI have both faced one loss in their professional boxing careers against the same guy, Tommy Fury.

On his Twitter ‘X’ handle, Jake Paul recently pointed out that it’s been four years since KSI confidently stated that the 27-year-old would defeat GIB, and then JJ would accept the fight offer. However, the British YouTuber hasn’t made any announcements after what he promised to All Hip Hop.

In 2019, KSI told All Hip Hop, “If he beats Gib, then, fine, he can fight me. Then it makes sense because then there’s hype. Right now, me fighting Jake, there’s no hype.” Despite the considerable hype that has built up since then, JJ has not reached a decision. Many experts are now speculating that the fight should happen soon, or the current hype surrounding it might start to fade.

Paul’s professional debut was against English YouTuber AnEsonGib. This bout took place on January 30th in Miami, Florida, and lasted only 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Jake Paul delivered the TKO blow to the English boxer, and as per KSI’s condition, “Problem Child” has fulfilled that requirement.

Jake Paul honors Kobe Bryant’s Mamba mentality

A few days ago, Paul shared his experience of starting his professional boxing career, revealing that it began with an emotional setback upon hearing the news of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death.

On January 26, 2020, Bryant, along with his daughter and seven others, lost their lives in a helicopter accident that crashed into a mountain. This heartbreaking incident marked one of the darkest days in NBA history, as Bryant, a beloved Lakers legend, had won five NBA championships during his illustrious career.

Recently, Jake Paul tweeted a picture of the names of a few basketball Hall of Famers including Kobe Bryant and described his thoughts on how much Kobe’s career inspired him in debuting his professional boxing career. He even highlighted the “Mamba Mentality” of Kobe Bryant as the real inspiration that he actually kept along with.

Do you think fans will get the chance to witness the encounter between KSI and Jake Paul this year?

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