Aaron Rodgers has revealed two conditions for his return to Jets this NFL season

The New York Jets have been grappling with offensive setbacks before acquiring Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. As the quarterback is labeled as one of the most elite players in the NFL and even has a Super Bowl title, Gang Green thought their misery would vanish when A-Rod landed in New York.

However, misfortune has been in store for the Jets this season as well. Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles and possibly went down for the whole season, albeit he has been optimistic about his return this season. Meanwhile, the QB has now placed two conditions on his return to the field to save the Jets from embarrassment.

Aaron Rodgers revealed two conditions for his NFL comeback

NFL Insider Josina Anderson recently cautioned Aaron Rodgers against jeopardizing his future by rushing a return from injury this season. Emphasizing the risk of another devastating injury, particularly a torn Achilles, Anderson advised the four-time MVP not to gamble with his long-term health for a hasty return to the field.

Despite A-Rod’s earlier optimism about being “ahead of schedule” and eyeing a return in “a few fortnights,” his tone seemed more cautious during a recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.” Expressing a level of skepticism, the veteran indicated he is not yet prepared for in-game action or ready to commit to a comeback plan.

However, the signal-caller outlined two critical factors that will dictate his potential return: his health and the Jets’ playoff prospects.

“It’s always been, first, am I healthy? Then, are we alive? Are we in it? Are we playing good enough to make a run? Can I step in and protect myself and play at the level that I’m capable of playing?” he told McAfee. “But it’s health first and are we alive for the playoffs, second,” he said per Yahoo Sports.

Acknowledging the silver lining amidst the injury-induced frustration, the former Green Bay Packers star expressed gratitude for the daily rehabilitation process, regardless of whether he returns to play this season. He highlighted the valuable lessons learned and the sense of gratitude fostered amid the challenging times.

“I’m thankful to have something to look forward to every day, and that’s the rehab and getting better and doing something special. Whether or not I come back this year, it’s been a lot of lessons and a lot of things I’m thankful for in the midst of some really frustrating and sad times,” Rodgers said.

Meanwhile, Gang Green sits at 15th place in the AFC with four wins and seven losses. After a series of disappointments from Zach Wilson, the team handed over the starting quarterback job to Tim Boyle, who was sacked seven times in his starting debut against the Miami Dolphins. As the offensive struggle of the Jets are increasing only gradually, they are almost unlikely to secure a playoff this season.

Aaron Rodgers previously said he wants to return regardless

Amidst speculations about Aaron Rodgers’ potential return, recent reports have shed light on a potential practice window for the veteran quarterback. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports hinted at a 21-day practice window possibly commencing on December 2.

Meanwhile ESPN’s prediction leans towards a start date of December 6, aiming for the QB to prepare for Gang Green’s showdown against the Washington Commanders on December 24. The anticipation surrounding his return intensified after he shared a workout video, showcasing his impeccable condition.

Despite uncertainties surrounding the Jets’ playoff prospects, the four-time MVP affirmed his determination to make a comeback this season ahead of the two conditions he set recently. The signal-caller expressed his goal to demonstrate a swift recovery from his Achilles tear, setting a new benchmark for quarterback recuperation, as conveyed by Jay Glazer.

“He still wants to show he’s able to come back faster from that Achilles tear than any quarterback ever”, he said via Jay.

A-Rod’s injury journey has been characterized by a remarkable pace of recovery. Following the Achilles injury in his Jets debut, he swiftly abandoned crutches and even resumed throwing within days of the potential season-ending setback.

The 10-time Pro Bowler’s determination and relentless pursuit of return saw him undergo an innovative surgery to expedite his rehabilitation. Notably, he has maintained active involvement with the Gang Green squad.

However, the dual-threat’s potential return this season hinges significantly on the Jets’ playoff aspirations. Balancing his age and the nature of the injury, the QB must exercise caution and prudence regarding his return. Despite his eagerness to stage a rapid comeback, the Jets star must carefully navigate the fine lines between his personal recovery goals and the team’s long-term objectives.

What’s your take in Aaron Rodgers’ recent statement about returning to the field?


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