What does the term ‘Babyface’ mean in WWE? LA Knight is considered the top Babyface on SmackDown

According to some recent reports, LA Knight is currently being considered the best babyface in WWE due to his merchandise sales record and also considering his fan base. The superstar is expected to be the main event star of the upcoming live events in WWE Universe.

Most WWE fans have likely heard the terms ‘Babyface’ and ‘Heel’ at least once in their lives. However, not many fans are aware of the meaning of these two words, despite their significant importance in storytelling.

What does the term ‘Babyface’ mean in WWE?

A Babyface in professional wrestling is the ‘good guy’ in a promotion or a wrestler that the company wants the fans to cheer for and will hopefully want to see defeating heel aka the bad guy. The babyface is generally a moral character who has ethical principles in the ring. Traditionally, a babyface follows a few simple rules. These are; to never cheat, to never use weapons unless the rules allow it, and to never insult the crowd in the arena.

Being a babyface in WWE is the polar opposite of being a heel or a ‘bad guy.’ They represent the heroes in wrestling, and this inherent contrast between babyfaces and heels creates compelling opponents. Some of the standout babyfaces in WWE today include John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and LA Knight. The primary role of a babyface is to connect with the audience.

They should elicit cheers and create a desire among the fans to witness their victory, while the heel works diligently to achieve the opposite. WWE’s aim is to have the babyface triumph over the heel, and when executed effectively, this dynamic leads to thrilling matches that excite the crowd. Fans become invested, eagerly wanting to see the ‘good guy’ vanquish the ‘bad guy,’ and they are willing to pay to witness this clash. This is the foundational model that drives WWE storytelling.

LA Knight is considered the top Babyface on WWE SmackDown

The career of LA Knight is on the rise in WWE. LA Knight has been the fan favorite for most of 2023 in WWE. The crowds are getting behind him at shows and with their money at the merchandise table despite him not always being featured in big matches.

However, Knight picked up a big win at SummerSlam as his rise to the top of WWE. At Payback The Megastar won the first singles Premium Live Event match of his WWE career when he defeated The Miz in a fight refereed by John Cena.

WrestleVotes has recently reported that LA Knight is seen as WWE SmackDown’s top babyface. “The latest “talent board”, saw an update post Payback on 9/3. Interesting news from the SmackDown side lists LA Knight as the top babyface.”

Does LA Knight deserve to be the top babyface in WWE? Let us know your opinion on it in the comment section below!

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