Angel Di Maria’s family in danger with Benfica star receiving anonymous death threats

Angel Di Maria is one of the world’s greatest wingers. His contribution to the game is often underemphasized, which makes him a very underrated player. However, he’s one of the best and most naturally gifted wingers the world has ever seen. This explains why he’s played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, from Real Madrid to Manchester United to PSG to Juventus.

Di Maria reached a new height in 2022 when he won the World Cup with Argentina for the first time in his international career, alongside Lionel Messi. He has admitted that this is the most important trophy of his trophy-laden career, but despite his heroics, Angel Di Maria and his family are facing death threats if they ever return to his hometown back in Argentina.

Angel Di Maria receives severe warning by unknown source

Angel Di Maria’s career has been pretty straightforward, despite playing for a host of clubs. He began his career in his hometown, Rosario, before moving to Europe to play for Benfica, where he earned himself a move to Real Madrid, and the rest is history. Despite being a native of Rosario and bringing so much joy to millions of faces when he helped Argentina lift the World Cup in December 2022, Di Maria and his family are now receiving death threats from an unknown source, with only a piece of paper detailing the threat.

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According to The Sun UK, an unknown individual left a piece of paper at the entrance of a private neighborhood in Miraflores very early on Monday morning. “Tell your son Angel not to return to Rosario again because otherwise, we will screw him up by killing a family member,” the paper read.

“Not even Pullaro (the Governor of Santa Fe Province) is going to save you. We don’t throw away pieces of paper. We throw lead and dead people,” it further revealed. Authorities are now looking into these threats even though nobody knows what Di Maria could have done to warrant death threats from people.

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Lionel Messi also went through the same thing last year when his wife’s family business was targeted in Rosario, with armed men shooting up the shop.

Angel Di Maria’s house was once robbed during PSG stint

This isn’t the first time Angel Di Maria will be going through such an ordeal as far as violent crimes are concerned. In March 2021, when he was still a PSG player, where he played from 2015 to 2022, the Argentine’s home was robbed, with his family being held hostage while he was playing a football game in Paris for PSG.

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According to very close sources, the World Cup winner had to be taken off the game very early, leaving him confused, as he didn’t feel any injury. However, he quickly received the news of the incident going on in his house, leaving him without a choice but to hurriedly leave the stadium to rescue his family.

Di Maria ended up leaving PSG the following summer, joining Juventus on a free transfer, where he played for just one season. It was in the middle of his lone season in Italy where he became a world champion with Argentina, helping the country’s new generation secure the historic trophy.


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