Fans rally behind Bob Rathbun after Hawks announcer roasts Jayson Tatum with Caitlin Clark comparison: “Lmfaoo he owned dat n*gga”

With the playoff qualification sealed, the Celtics took on the Hawks in a game that should have been a walk in the park given the disparity between the two teams. But the NBA lived up to its essence and a surprise result unravelled that no one saw coming.

The Hawks overcame a 30-point deficit to stun the Celtics in one of the most incredible games of the season. During the massive comeback for the Atlanta side, Jayson Tatum’s frustrations boiled over and he was swiftly put under the microscope by an ardent Hawks fan, the commentator Bob Rathbun.

Hawks commentator slams Jayson Tatum with Caitlin Clark comparison

The Boston Celtics have established their dominance in the league this season by sitting at the top of the Eastern table for a while, with several discussions surrounding their star forward Jayson Tatum. The 26-year-old grabbed attention in the game between the Celtics and Atlanta Hawks, not because of his outstanding performance but for his whining.

With a few minutes left in the game, Tatum tried to steal the ball from Hawks Dejounte Murray. However, he received a foul in the process. When the 5-time All-Star was seen complaining to the game official, the game commentator, Bob Rathbun couldn’t hold himself back and said, “Boy, Jayson Tatum does a lot of complaining. Who does he think he is, Caitlin Clark?” The Hawks pundit, sarcastically compared the player with women’s college basketball sensation, Caitlin Clark.

Clark has attracted eyes and received heaps of praise for her exceptional scoring and ball-handling skills but her complaints to the officials during games have not gone unnoticed, even by her father. Despite the two having great individual qualities in their respective leagues, they have been criticized for arguing and complaining during the games.

Fans support Bob Rathbun’s Jayson Tatum assessment

The clip of Bob Rathbun’s comment on Jayson Tatum quickly went viral on X (formerly Twitter) and reached almost every corner of the NBA social media circle. The fans sided with the Hawks pundit and criticized the Celtics forward in a hilarious way. Here’s what the NBA fans wrote:

A fan wrote “Lmfaoo he owned dat nigga,” where “he” refers to Bob Rathbun

Another fan commented, “imagine getting cooked by announcers when you blew 30 pt” pointing out the massive numbers he pulled in the game

Someone seconded the thought and wrote, “Tatum getting owned by random announcers after blowing a 30 pt lead.”

“Cook up announcer,” wrote another fan on X

Announcing the win for Rathbun, a fan commented, “W announcer dissing both those cry babies”

Another fan added, “Tatum blew a 30 point lead and got clowned by the commentators idk what’s worse (skull emoji)”

Finding it amusing, someone commented, “Ni**a Tatum got cooked by a announcer”

“Calling that boy roast beef lip on national tv is crazy” read one of the comments

Another fan added, “Tatum really got owned by an “hawks announcer” (crying emoji)”

Sharing thoughts on the incident, a fan wrote, “W announcer, tatum isnt even a top 3 player on the Celtics.”

Tatum added 37 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists to his name but failed to secure a win for the Boston franchise, and the game ended in favor of the Hawks by 120-118. Despite Tatum’s performance, the defensive collapse is a major cause of concern for the Celtics, who are looking to end their 16-year championship drought.

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