Anthony Edwards gives birth to new meme after going viral for hilarious response to reporter’s Thanksgiving question: “What the f’ck is that?”

Anthony Edwards is probably the hottest young player in the NBA right now. The 22-year-old has proven himself to be one of the best young players in the league already. The Timberwolves star has gained quite the popularity among the younger NBA audience.

He recently did an interview after a game during which he was asked a question. The response from Anthony has made fans crack a laugh. Some fans have also credited him for creating a new meme because of his hilarious response.

Anthony Edwards left baffled after in reporter’s Thanksgiving enquiry

As it is the Thanksgiving season, many people like to know how their favorite NBA stars celebrate Thanksgiving. Especially about the food they like to eat. The reporters are there to feed the curiosity of these fans and help them get to know their favorite players better. After a game, Anthony Edwards was asked a few questions about Thanksgiving, and the response given by Edwards has given birth to a “new meme.”

Anthony Edwards was asked by the reporter about his favorite dish on Thanksgiving. A video of that short interview is going viral on social media and fans are loving it. The reporter asked, “Anthony, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?” The Timberwolves star went into deep thought and came out baffled, unable to answer it. Edwards’ teammate Rudy Gobert helped him out by answering it for him. Rudy said, “He loves Escargot.” Anthony was surprised by the name of the dish and responded in a hilarious way, Ant said, “What the F*** is that?!”

Anthony Edwards
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NBA Twitter wasted no time to come up with new meme feat. Anthony Edwards

The NBA community is full of creative individuals, and they do not pass by an opportunity to make a meme out of hilarious reactions given by the league’s players. Even the greatest of all time is not safe from them, as the great Michael Jordan has one of the most popular memes on the entire planet. Similarly, the young Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards found himself in a situation where the reaction of the player was possibly the birth of a new meme.

Following a comical incident involving Anthony Edwards, where he exclaimed, “What the F*** is that?” in response to his teammate Rudy Gobert, the basketball community swiftly took notice of this reaction. It was revealed that Edwards holds a fondness for Escargot, a culinary delicacy. They have declared it to be the possible birth of a new meme. The reaction from Edwards has the potential to become a viral meme due to the player’s expressive tone and facial gestures. In various scenarios, this versatile tool can be employed to craft humorous memes that elicit laughter across the vast expanse of the internet.

What did you think of Anthony Edward’s reaction to the Thanksgiving question? Do you think Ant’s reaction will become a global meme? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments.

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