Jordan Poole girlfriend: Who is underfire Wizards guard’s rumored romance partner Kim Cruz?

In October 2021, speculations regarding a potential romantic relationship between Kim Cruz and Jordan Poole began to circulate among users on various social media platforms. The model, hailing from the Philippines, holds considerable sway, primarily showcased on various social media platforms, with a substantial following numbering in the millions.

Following the rumored couple wearing matching outfits, interest is high to understand the situation between them while uncovering key information about Kim Cruz, amidst Jordan Poole’s debunking of an alleged extravagant date with a female rapper.

Who is Jordan Poole’s rumored love interest Kim Cruz?

Despite Poole’s disappointing start with the Wizards, the 24-year-old still earns so much, which keeps him at the 50th highest earner in the league. With so much earnings, fans are eager to know his dating life, which he was rumored to be dating 25-year-old model Kim Cruz.

Revealing Jordan Poole girlfriend Kim Cruz, amid rejecting his relationship with Ice Spice
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Per SideAction, Jordan Poole and Kim Cruz were seen rocking the same unreleased T-shirt, which featured Jordan Poole. Kim Cruz, born on December 13, 1997, is a renowned blogger and social media influencer from the Philippines. Cruz, whose Instagram platform boasts a stunning 454,000 followers, has a degree in Fine Arts Design from Ateneo de Manila University.

Cruz has garnered a significant following through her engaging posts on fashion and lifestyle. Furthermore, she possesses a wealth of travel experience, having explored renowned destinations such as Barcelona, Paris, various locations in Portugal, and other amazing places.

Cruz, endowed with exceptional artistic talent, generously showcases her masterpieces on her primary social media account, while simultaneously establishing a distinct secondary account with the same noble objective.

Cruz embarked on her modeling journey during her formative years, gracing the pages of Candy Magazine in 2017. She further honed her talents as a video jockey (VJ) for MYX, a renowned music channel in the Philippines.

After the pandemic, Cruz has experienced a rekindling of her passion for art and has since set out on a career as a visual artist, currently residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

However, Cruz and Jordan’s continued silence regarding their relationship status only serves to fuel the rumors, which are nothing more than idle chatter.

Jordan Poole recently denied dating Ice Spice

Jordan Poole has recently broken his silence regarding the swirling speculation surrounding his lavish spending of a staggering half a million dollars on a date with Ice Spice. The guard of the Wizards strongly opposed the rumor, dismissing it as nothing more than speculative falsehoods.

During a recent Meet And Greet event with fans, basketball player Jordan Poole shared his perspective on a circulating rumor. In a video clip capturing a conversation, a young supporter asked about the alleged romance. Jordan right away refuted the claim, asserting that it is indeed false and fabricated.

Revealing Jordan Poole girlfriend Kim Cruz, amid rejecting his relationship with Ice Spice
Jordan Poole girlfriend Via Getty

The rumored extravagant date with rapper Ice Spice was initiated in May by rapper Cam’ron during the “It is what it is” podcast, when he called out Poole for his lackluster performance as a Warriors’ player then. Cam’ron told Poole that he spent $500,000 on Ice Spice’s date. The rapper also blasted Poole for his poor playoff performance, and he even advised him to return to the Milwaukee Bucks to resolve things that went wrong for him after comparing his outputs then with the previous year.

Though Poole didn’t comment on the extravagant date rumor, the fans have since kept the rumors alive, especially Ice Spice being one of the hottest female rappers around, and Poole signing a $140 million four year extension deal months prior.

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