Antonio Brown names one player Steelers must target next following brilliant NFL offseason moves

Former Pittsburgh Steelers player Antonio Brown was a name synonymous with both dazzling athleticism and off-field controversies. His on-field brilliance earned him numerous accolades, including multiple Pro Bowl selections and All-Pro honors. However, his tenure with the Steelers ended amid tumultuous circumstances, marked by clashes with teammates and management.

Brown is not playing in the NFL now but he hits the headlines for providing his football insights. He recently weighed in on the Steelers offseason moves by providing ideas about potential future signings ahead of the new season.

Antonio Brown discusses Steelers NFL offseason business

The Steelers made some big and shocking moves this offseason. They traded away Kenny Pickett and bid farewell to Mason Rudolph. The acquisition of Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears and the signing of Russell Wilson after his release from the Denver Broncos stirred the football landscape.

Antonio Brown is happy with these moves, as he took to his personal X account to share his insights on Pittsburgh’s moves. He applauded the Steelers’ signing of linebacker Patrick Queen, via SportsKeeda. Queen’s arrival adds defensive depth and prowess to the Steelers’ roster.

Brown expanded on his suggestions for the Steelers future by advocating for Tyler Boyd. He emphasized the importance of bolstering their receiving corps.

“Kenny traded away
Justin Fields brought in for a 6th
Russ for only 1.3 mil
Patrick Queen
Never been this well fed as a Steeler fan next move Tyler Boyd #CTESPN”, Brown wrote.

With the departure of Diontae Johnson, Boyd’s versatile skill set and experience could seamlessly integrate into the Steelers’ offensive schemes.

Nevertheless, there are certain factors to consider regarding the possible acquisition of Boyd. Boyd’s durability becomes a key consideration, given his age of 30 and the significant wear and tear from over 6,000 snaps. His impressive statistics showcase a track record of reliable performance, especially when playing alongside Joe Burrow for the Cincinnati Bengals. However, it is worth examining how well Boyd’s playing style aligns with Russell Wilson’s quarterbacking preferences.

Antonio Brown reacts to Kenny Pickett’s farewell message

Kenny Pickett Pickett bid adieu to Pittsburgh in a heartfelt letter expressing gratitude for the city and excitement for his new journey with the Philadelphia Eagles. But he received a blunt response from Antonio Brown.

Pickett showered praise on Pittsburgh and its people in his farewell note. He reminisced about his transformative journey over the past seven years. However, the signal-caller notably omitted any mention of the Steelers organization, the team that drafted him and shaped his early professional career. Instead, he focused on his anticipation of playing for the Eagles, the team he grew up admiring.

While many understood Pickett’s sentiments, Brown took a different stance. He dismissed Pickett’s heartfelt message with a succinct tweet by expressing his disinterest in reading the lengthy farewell note.

Brown wrote, “Im not reading all that shit #CTESPN.”

Pickett’s departure from the Steelers didn’t come as a surprise to many, given the circumstances surrounding his trade to the Eagles. He had his potential in the squad, and even the team viewed him as the franchise quarterback for the upcoming season. However, the quarterback found himself in a situation where he felt compelled to seek a fresh start elsewhere.


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