Antonio Brown offers the only remedy to the Chiefs’ offensive woes by saying they “should be begging” him

The Kansas City Chiefs witnessed another loss in Week 16, albeit their top spot in the AFC West, given the lackluster performance of other teams in the division. The way the team is only going down lately is quite embarrassing for them, as they had their eyes set on the Super Bowl title after securing it last season.

However, let alone the Lombardi Trophy, the Chiefs are now slated to play a wildcard to keep the hope of a playoff run alive. The defending champion squad is going through one of the worst phases of their franchise in the 2023 NFL season. Meanwhile, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown endorsed himself as a savior for the Chiefs amid their downfall.

Antonio Brown wants in on the Chiefs dynasty

The Chiefs aimed to clinch the AFC West in the match against the Raiders in Week 16. However, what should have been a winning game turned into a tale of offensive struggles and missed opportunities, leaving Patrick Mahomes and his team reeling from yet another slow start that ultimately cost them the victory. The QB was seen totally breaking down following the defeat in the Christmas game.

The primary culprit behind the Chiefs’ stumbling performance remains their offense, notably lacking a seasoned receiver. Adding to the narrative, Antonio Brown, the controversial but undeniably talented receiver, made a provocative post suggesting that the Chiefs should be “begging” for his services.

With the season progressing and the trade deadline long past, viable options seem scarce. The question arises: if a receiver is available in December, are they truly capable of making a significant impact? This dilemma leads to the contentious figure of Brown.

The absence of a reliable veteran receiver has been a persistent issue for the Chiefs throughout the season. This deficiency has been increasing only as they entered the late stages of the campaign, which in turn exacerbated pressure on the defense to compensate for the offensive shortcomings.

Even during the recent game against the Raiders, Mahomes struggled to find his rhythm due to the lack of dependable targets downfield. It ultimately forced the offense into a disjointed and inconsistent performance, amplifying the frustration evident in Mahomes’ visible displays of discontent towards his offensive players, whom he gifted personalized Christmas gifts days ago.

Antonio Browns’ controversial NFL exit

The NFL community witnessed one of its most bizarre and controversial moments during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ clash against the New York Jets in 2022, when Antonio Brown abruptly exited the game. The incident occurred during the third quarter, with the Bucs trailing 24-10 against Gang Green. Brown, visibly frustrated, got embroiled in a heated exchange with his fellow teammate, Mike Evans. Despite efforts to calm the situation, his agitation only escalated.

The receiver later stripped off his jersey, pads, undershirt, and gloves. He threw some items into the crowd before disappearing into the locker room and never returning to the field, as per Sporting News.

The aftermath of this bizarre departure was filled with conflicting narratives as Antonio Brown claimed that he was not released by the Bucs but was instead ‘cut’ due to his refusal to play with an ankle injury.

The controversial owner of Albany Empire said Coach Bruce Arians had directed him to take the field despite his injury, and upon his insistence that he couldn’t play, the HC allegedly terminated his involvement with the team. However, the Bucs refuted these claims and officially announced on January 6 that they had terminated the WR’s contract, and he never got the chance to play a single snap in the NFL again.


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