Dwayne Johnson injects dose of nostalgia in his fans with Christmas Day dress up

Dwayne Johnson, a well-known figure in the world of professional wrestling, reflected on his time spent competing for WWE over the holiday season. The iconic black turtleneck and fanny pack outfit, one of the most memorable ensembles he ever wore in the 1990s, made a comeback.

A short while ago, he posted a picture of himself wearing such a look on Instagram to wish his followers. During the Christmas season, this hilariously nostalgic tribute to his iconic style from the 1990s pleased fans and demonstrated The Rock’s mischievous side.

Dwayne Johnson dresses up as his 90s self

Dwayne Johnson returned to social media with a humorous holiday surprise. The celebrity, now 51 years old, donned a familiar and humorous outfit from his past as a cheeky tribute to a meme that has gone viral. Johnson recreated the famous look that had previously gone viral on the internet and shared a video of it on Instagram

His distinctive outfit, which included a fashionable fanny pack and a gold chain draped over a polo neck, was captured in the photo. By singing along with Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song,” The Rock brought a joyous new dimension to the seasonally charged atmosphere.

Dwayne Johnson
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Fans were delighted to see Johnson casually donning the iconic suit again after it became an internet joke. Some celebrities participated in the fun by writing comments that were both amusing and positive. His 395 million Instagram followers went wild over the video, which went viral with 39 million views, and the astute remark about the GTA game, “Bro went to GTA barber.”

The Rock’s possible WWE return date

There have been whispers of a comeback involving Dwayne Johnson and WWE since he jokingly hinted at a possible return around WrestleMania 40. The local tourist authority in Perth, Australia is crossing its fingers that WWE Elimination Chamber 2024, the route to this mega-event, will include a special appearance by The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson
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There has been talk of a possible matchup at WrestleMania between him and his cousin Roman Reigns. Although he has a lot on his plate, The Rock has recently teased a return to WWE which is indicating a major appearance at Elimination Chamber 2024.

The status of any possible agreement is unclear, although sources indicate that Western Australian tourist officials have approached WWE with the proposal. The Rock recently made remarks about how much he misses his wrestling days and hinted at a possible return to WWE.

How did you feel about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Instagram photo rocking that ’90s style? share your thoughts on that video in the comment section. 

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