Bill Belichick brutally criticized as Bailey Zappe’s inspiring performance takes center stage in Patriots’ win

In the eyes of Tom Brady, his former coach Bill Belichick is the “best coach” in the NFL. However, in the eyes of the football fans, the New England Patriots head coach already lost his appeal after Brady’s departure.  Despite Belichick’s efforts to present Mac Jones as the perfect successor to Brady, Jones’s lackluster season has put the head coach in a precarious position.

Even with the Patriots securing an upset win over the Denver Broncos in Week 16, fans haven’t forgotten to rip Belichick for his choices regarding Jones and backup starter Bailey Zappe.

Patriots’ win sparks criticism for Belichick

During the Patriots’ stunning win over the Broncos, Bailey Zappe’s stellar performance with three touchdown passes paved the way for the Patriots’ 21-18 victory. This marked Zappe’s second start of the season, prompting questions in a fan’s mind about Bill Belichick’s prowess in making decisions regarding the team’s starter spot.

Nevertheless, after being queried about the delay in selecting Zappe over Jones, Belichick offered his perspective, showing his bold side to proclaim that their decision came out after keeping eagle eyes on both starters.

“We made the decision when I thought it was the right time to make it.” This decision proved impactful on Sunday when the sophomore quarterback secured his second win in four starts, contributing two touchdown passes to a 26-23 victory over the Denver Broncos.

Zappe’s initial opportunity arose in Week 11 against the New York Giants amid uncertainty surrounding the Patriots’ starting quarterback position. Subsequently, New England chose to bench Jones for him permanently at halftime. Jones had struggled, throwing two interceptions in the first half, with the Patriots trailing 10-7.

The Patriots’ shift to Zappe has been decisive, effectively concluding what was deemed a disappointing era for Jones in New England. When questioned about inserting Zappe into the lineup, Belichick, known for his reserved nature, mentioned that he believed both quarterbacks deserved a chance to play, per a report by Pro Football Network.

Despite Jones facing challenges, the team’s confidence in him was considerable, creating a tough situation for Zappe after proving his prowess on the field.

Bill Belichick’s post-victory locker room speech inspires Patriots

Though this season saw the Patriots fall out of playoff contention, a remarkable win over the Denver Broncos provided a moment of celebration for the team. Bill Belichick took the opportunity to deliver a touching postgame speech, acknowledging standout performances by some of his players.

In the postgame address, Belichick gave special shoutouts to Ryland, Bailey Zappe, and Christian Barmore. A video shared by the Patriots captured the coach’s brief but heartfelt remarks. He commended the team’s toughness and highlighted key plays, including Christian Barmore’s impressive three sacks and a crucial kick by Chad.

The 71-year-old, vying to beat Don Shula, recognized Zappe for his contributions in making critical throws and DP, presumably referencing the defense.

Belichick concluded his speech by wishing the players a heartfelt “Merry Christmas,” adding a touch of holiday spirit to the moment. 

“Great job, fellas. That’s some toughness. That’s some toughness. Key plays right there — we had to have them. B-More, three sacks. … Big kick, Chad. Big kick. Good throws, Zappe, to get us down there. DP. Defense, I mean, (expletive). Hey, fellas, all I have to say is Merry Christmas.”

Throughout the season, the Patriots experienced ups and downs, displaying unpredictability in their performances. Their victories over teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers contrasted with scoreless outings against the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Chargers.

As the Patriots gear up for their final games of the campaign, facing the Buffalo Bills on the road and the New York Jets at home, the question arises if they can continue their winning legacy, building on the momentum from the impressive triumph over the Broncos. 

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