John Cena NCAA: did he ever play college football?

John Cena, one of the most successful and popular wrestlers in the world, signed with WWE in 2001 and he is considered one of the greatest superstars in WWE. Cena is also a 16 time world champion and have main-evented five Wrestlemania’s.

Cena, the face of the WWE for last 20 years, has also made his presence in the Hollywood, where he featured in more than 50 movies. Before joining WWE Cena also had interest in football and even joined a pro football team during his college days.

Did John Cena ever play college football?

Cena was a part of the Springfield College’s football team from 1995 – 1998 in Massachusetts. He was in the official NCAA Division III All-American center in his college days. Cena had a muscular body with a bald head during his college days and had a good record in football.

Cena gave up football after college because he felt that he was too small to make it as a professional player. He also said that he did not enjoy the sport as much as wrestling. He is also one of the WWE superstars such as Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, Dwayne “The Rock”, Roman Reigns who also had football as their career in their early days.

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Cena graduated from college in 1998 with a degree in exercise physiology and body movement. Later on Cena moved to California to pursue a career as a bodybuilder. He has also appeared in many commercial in his teenage, which have helped him get into the wrestling business. Cena joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) and then signed with WWE in 2001.

John Cena set for prestigious honor

John Cena is set to receive the 2024 NCAA Silver Anniversary Award. The award recognizes outstanding collegiate and professional achievements on the 25th anniversary of the conclusion of their college athletics careers.

The 2024 NCAA Silver Anniversary Award is a prestigious honor that recognizes former student-athletes for their outstanding achievements in their collegiate and professional careers. The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the NCAA Convention Welcome and Awards Presentation in Phoenix.

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Cena not only a WWE star, but has also been involved in various activities, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Fit Ops Foundation. Cena has granted over 650 wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses, the most by any celebrity in Make-A-Wish history.

Cena is a role model for millions of fans around the world, who admire his work ethic, charisma, and positive attitude. He lives by his motto of “Never Give Up” that inspires others to never give up on their dreams.


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