Chris Jericho accused of “lying” by Jim Cornette after Christmas Day online spat involving CM Punk

Jim Cornette, not just known as a former professional wrestling manager, commentator, booker, promoter, and podcaster, but also known for his controversial opinions on the wrestling business, has worked for various promotions such as WWE, WCW, ECW, NWA, and ROH.

CM Punk’s lawyer Stephen New confirmed that Punk and Ace Steel have signed a lifetime non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regarding the Brawl Out incident of AEW in 2022. Recently on his podcast Cornette went against Chris Jericho for his comments on the NDA signed by Punk.

Jim Cornette launches scathing attack on Chris Jericho

As per the statement from Stephen New, the only person that can reveal about the Brawl Out incident is Ace Steel’s wife Lucy. Chris Jericho went on social media and said that he has not signed a NDA and he had the rights to reveal the details about the brawl.

Recently Jim Cornette addressed this issue on his official Youtube Channel. Cornette said, “Again, people lost their minds, apparently what little they have… They have somehow, to figure out a way to dislike all of us at the same time.”

He also added, “The idea of Jim Cornette and CM Punk sharing some idea or concept or mutual friend of f***** viewpoint, inflamed people to where they completely lost track of their f***** senses and showhow equated that to both of us somehow becoming right-wingers… It’s insane, now that Punk has gone back to the WWE, has he abandoned his principles? What? What the f***?”

Jericho currently works for All Elite Wrestling and always involves in controversies. The feud between Cornette and Jericho has sparked a lot of reactions from the wrestling fans and media. Some have agreed with Cornette and accused Jericho of being a sellout for Trump.

Cornette defends himself and CM Punk from “right-wingers” claim

In the same interview, Cornette addressed the statement speculating that CM Punk and him are right wingers. Cornette said, “Calling me a right-winger? They’ve gone too far, Brian [Cornette’s co-host]. Especially in support of those they allegedly supporting. They’re buckaroos fans, AEW fans, fans of people we blister.”

Cornette added, “We say bad things about their favorite wrestlers, and they’re the ones, that are either fanatical in some right-winged way… The Khans gave money to [Donald] Trump, so did [Chris] Jericho. And his wife went to the insurrection and bragged about it on Facebook. But Punk and I are somehow in this f***** ilk?”

Cornette blasted Jericho for supporting former U.S. President Donald Trump and Tony Khan, the president of AEW. Cornette made it clear in the Interview, claiming that his actions are not related to any political or ideological, but rather honest and realistic. 


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