Shannon Sharpe doubles down on “not elite” label for Brock Purdy amid 49ers QB’s uncertain status for Bengals clash

The NFL’s Week 6 saw the San Francisco 49ers end their winning run and Philadelphia Eagles in their battle against two average teams of the league. Though the Eagles could bounce back next week, the losing streak of Brock Purdy’s team continued in Week 7 as well.

Though Purdy garnered a ton of support before losing the highly-noted title, the losing run was also marked by a ton of criticism for the second-year quarterback, and recently, former NFL player Shannon Sharpe listed his name among Brock’s critics.

Shannon Sharpe stands firm on Brock Purdy critique

“Mr. Irrelevant” proved his legacy and supremacy on the field, being the only player with a 10-0 start since he started for the 49ers last season. In spite of being targeted by injuries, the quarterback’s productivity was above everyone’s expectations, which led the team to announce him as the first-string quarterback after starting his career as a third-string quarterback.

Nevertheless, the scenario seemingly changed in a twinkle of eyes after the team’s consecutive losses. Though Brock Purdy’s success rate blew away his “Mr. Irrelevant” title and established his fame as “Mr. Dependable”after the team’s back-to-back losses, Sharpe claimed in his eyes the 49ers starter was never an “elite” player. 

He didn’t hold back to compare the prowess of Purdy with the Kansas City Chiefs hero Patrick Mahomes, who recently broke Dan Marino’s record. Per Sharpe, if Purdy is said to be “elite” then the league needs another superior word to name Mhaome’s excellence.

“I knew what [Brock Purdy] was to begin with. When the defense can’t be perfect and they ask Brock Purdy to deliver us, he didn’t. If Brock Purdy is elite, we need another definition for Patrick Mahomes.”

Brock was sacked three times by the Cleveland Browns players and one time by the Minnesota Vikings players, recording a total of three interceptions in those games. Among them, two interceptions were against the Vikings that infuriated Sharpe and he voiced, insulting him as an “elite quarterback”.

“We want the ball in that elite quarterback’s hands, Brock Purdy,” Sharpe said. “And what happened? Two interceptions… They had three turnovers in their first six games. They had three last night.”

Before the losing streak, Brock Purdy was always in the good books of the NFL community, in spite of being under a cost-effective rookie deal, while enjoying a middle class life.

Purdy’s concussion raises doubts for 49ers’ clash with Bengals

The 49ers’ defeat to the Vikings carried double trouble for the team as their quarterback suffered a concussion during the game, as revealed by coach Kyle Shanahan in his press conference on Wednesday.

The revelation was shocking, as the 23-year-old was spotted playing during the whole game. Nevertheless, the coach dispelled rumors, saying that they found out while traveling on a plane, following Purdy’s onset of symptoms. The player was subsequently placed in the concussion protocol as a result of this injury.

Brock Purdy

“He started getting symptoms on the plane. We finally found that out when we landed. We were all pretty asleep, but then he got all checked up yesterday and now he’s in the protocol,” he said per Bolavip.

Already, the concussion diagnosis has cast doubt on Purdy’s availability for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Week 8. If Purdy is unable to play, the team’s second-string quarterback, Sam Darnold, will take his spot against the Bengals. Darnold secured the backup role in a battle with former 49ers player Trey Lance. Till now, he has barely had the chance to prove his prowess.

The situation is evolving over time. To get the latest update, stay tuned.


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