Broncos expected to trade QB Russell Wilson after opting to start Jarrett Stidham against Chargers

Russell Wilson vouched to overshadow the pressure of the lackluster performance from the 2022 NFL season to have a good campaign this year. However, the team had a very poor start this season as well, and lost consecutive games, including the embarrassing 70-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Despite all the hurdles, the Broncos somehow managed to overcome their misfortune by securing commendable victories against some big teams before once again finding them on the losing end against the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots. These consecutive defeats also came up with a shocking update as reports says the franchise is eyeing to kick Russell Wilson out of their roster.

Broncos expected to trade Russell Wilson

The Broncos boldly acquired Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks two years ago. The price tag for the star quarterback was hefty – two 1st round picks, two 2nd round picks, a 5th round pick, along with players Drew Lock, Noah Fant, and Shelby Harris. It was a calculated bet, one that the team believed would elevate them to a potential Super Bowl run.

Fast forward to the 2023 NFL season, as per Dianna Russini of The Athletic, the quarterback’s tenure with the Broncos is drawing to an abrupt close. Reports suggest that the veteran, having played under the shadow of uncertainty for nearly two months, was informed this morning that he would no longer be the QB1.

The decision to discontinue with the signal-caller has been shrouded in financial implications as it stemmed from the Broncos concern over a $37 million salary in 2025 that could vest due to an injury clause. To prevent financial liabilities, the team reportedly threatened to bench him weeks ago unless he altered his contract terms, especifically deferring the trigger date for injury guarantees set for 2025.

The initial confrontation between the dual-threat and the Broncos occurred shortly after the team’s victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, which saw him channeling Deion Sanders’ attire in pure happiness. Despite Russell Wilson’s commendable performance against the defending champion, securing a win and displaying signs of the success he envisioned, the team approached him to demand alterations to his contract. This unexpected demand left him stunned, and ultimately led to heated negotiations that unfortunately failed to produce a perfect resolution.

Amid this contractual turmoil, the signal-caller remained poised and focused, leading his squad through notable victories against the Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and the Cleveland Browns. Despite his on-field contributions and consistency, the lingering financial concern continued to loom large, which ultimately culminated in the decision to bench him, and now, the trade rumor.

Throughout the season, Wilson completed 66.4 percent of his passes, and amassed 3,070 yards, 26 touchdowns, and eight interceptions in 15 games. His performance on the field has remained commendable, but seemingly the financial intricacies have overshadowed his contributions to the team.

Jarrett Stidham likely to replace Russell Wilson

For Jarrett Stidham the axiom of QB uncertainty has rung true once more. Following a similar sequence of events from last season, he finds himself poised to replace another established starter, this time in the vibrant mile-high city of Denver.

The veteran’s debut in the 2022 season came abruptly, stepping into the starting role for the Las Vegas Raiders with just two games remaining. Despite the team’s overtime loss to the San Francisco 49ers, his performance dazzled observers, with an impressive 365 yards and three touchdown passes.

However, the following match against the Chiefs proved tough for the QB as he struggled, throwing for 219 yards while enduring six sacks in a lopsided 31-13 defeat. Despite the setback, the Broncos secured his services with a lucrative two-year, $10 million deal last March.

The signal-caller’s playing time during the current season had been limited to a brief cameo, stepping onto the field to conclude a heavy loss against the Detroit Lions, where he handed off the ball four times. Now, he is primed to inherit the starting role in the Broncos stepping into the shoes of Russell Wilson.

Reflecting on the opportunity and the departing QB, Stidham expressed his admiration and respect by highlighting Russ’ exceptional qualities as a teammate and competitor.

“Look, I can’t speak highly enough of Russ. Tremendous teammate, tremendous competitor. I’ve been extremely fortunate in my career to be around some incredible human beings and incredible quarterbacks, and he obviously fits that category, so today has obviously been a tough day, but we’ve had great interactions today and that sort of thing. Like I said, I can’t speak highly enough about him”, he said per Denver Gazette.

Drafted by the New England Patriots in 2019, Stidham served as a backup during Tom Brady’s final season with the team. Last year, he occupied the role of Derek Carr’s understudy in the Raiders.


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