Browns’ David Njoku revealed another harrowing home incident weeks after severe burns

The Cleveland Browns faced a sudden setback following Deshaun Watson’s season-ending injury. However, Joe Flacco appeared from nowhere and moonlighted as a hero to push the struggling team towards the playoff run of the 2023 NFL season. One of the crucial members of both Watson and Flacco’s formidable offense has been Browns tight end David Njoku.

Besides his on-field excellence, Njoku has found himself in the spotlight for other reasons this season. While his recent performance in the Browns 20-17 win impressed the whole NFL community, his off-field incidents have drawn attention as well, shedding light on his spirit amidst unfortunate mishaps.

David Njoku reveals another horrifying experience after severe burns

Just before his stellar performance against the Bears, David Njoku incurred an injury classified as “NIR – Rest” on the initial injury report. However, the injury wasn’t a result of a high-impact practice or on-field collision but a mundane mishap, as he stubbed his pinky toe at home merely three days before the game.

The Browns star has recently joined the CW’s “Inside the NFL” program, and revealed the incident occurred at his house on Thursday night last week, via Over Time Heroics.

Initially downplaying the injury, the veteran dismissed the pain following the toe-stubbing incident. However, after arriving at the team facility the following day, the training staff said stitches were necessary to seal the wound properly. Nevertheless, he played the match against the Bears without limitations.

This unfortunate toe incident wasn’t the first time David Njoku encountered off-field mishaps. Weeks ago, he garnered attention for an accidental burn to his face and arm while attempting to light a fire pit. Fortunately, that incident didn’t lead to a severe aftermath. The vet later revealed the horrifying picture of his burn on social media after appearing at the stadium wearing a flesh-colored mask.

David Njoku responds to his painful experience

David Njoku earlier revealed his burn was so severe that he was at risk of losing his eyes as they were open during the incident

“When it happened, my eyes were open. So I saw everything and I really should’ve been blinded. Luckily, I’m not. I give all the glory to God”, he said while reminiscing about the incident.

Subsequently, the Browns star launched a merchandise brand “Withstand” to collect funds for the American Burn Association. He said the aim of the initiative was to raise awareness among the public about burns.

Following the recent news about his other accident, the NFL community became heavyhearted, thinking about his recent struggles. However, the TE himself took to social media to clarify the severity of his recent injury, writing, “Relaxxxx it’s nothin”

The sports enthusiasts couldn’t help heaping praise on him on social media for not losing hope despite grappling through two back-to-back setbacks.

A netizen wrote, “You are a warrior chief.”

A fan wrote, “Wrap this man in bubble wrap.”

David Njoku’s chemistry with quarterback Joe Flacco has blossomed into a potent offensive force. Over the past two weeks, their synchronicity on the field has been nothing short of impressive, accumulating impressive stats: 6 catches for 91 yards and 2 touchdowns, followed by 10 catches for 104 yards and another touchdown. Njoku set his personal bests with 69 catches, 704 yards, and 5 touchdowns.


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