Browns fans mock Micah Parsons for offensive Cleveland remark aimed at David Njoku: “Doesn’t Dallas Choke?”

The NFL world is eagerly waiting for the coveted Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, sports enthusiasts are enjoying the Pro Bowl event in Orlando. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons has been a part of the jovial event this year.

Parsons has always been vocal about his take on everything. However, one of his candid remarks during this year’s Pro Bowl was not welcomed by Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku.

Micah Parsons and David Njoku locked in heated altercation

The Madden War is a standout event during the Pro Bowl festivities. This year’s lineup showcased the AFC’s David Njoku and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill facing off against the NFC’s Micah Parsons and the Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Puka Nacua. The event was initially meant for friendly competition, but things took an unexpected turn after Micah Parsons made a comment about the Browns.

Host Charissa Thompson probed Parsons about Njoku’s performance. The Cowboys star delivered a backhanded compliment by acknowledging Njoku’s skills. But subtly referencing the Cleveland Browns’ reputation of choking at the playoffs.

“I thought he did amazing. He made great adjustments. He obviously showed why Cleveland (the Browns) is Cleveland”, Parsons said via First Sportz.

The statement struck a nerve with Njoku, who swiftly responded back to the Cowboys veteran.

“You know we got to understand this: ‘Cleveland is Cleveland.’ But we are both here; we are both playing this Madden game. So you got to make it sense”, Njoku said.

Hill chimed in to support his teammate, saying, “He has a good point, bro. We are all here.”

Njoku’s involvement in the Pro Bowl Games took on added significance in light of recent off-field incidents. The Browns tight end endured a frightening incident when he suffered burns to his face and arm while attempting to light a fire pit at his residence. Days later, he faced another setback when he stubbed his pinky toe at home.

Brown supporter brutally roast Micah Parsons

The Browns misfortune started in the initial phase of the 2023 NFL season when they lost quarterback Deshaun Watson due to injury. Joe Flacco moonlighted as a hero in Watson’s absence and ensured a playoff run for the team. However, they succumbed to the Houston Texans, ending their postseason journey.

Nevertheless, so is the scenario for the Cowboys. Even without losing their QB1, the team got out of the postseason journey. Following Micah Parsons’ bold statement about belittling the Browns, the NFL community rallied on social media to troll him and his squad as well.

A netizen wrote, “He should of said, “Doesn’t Dallas Choke”?

The Cowboys overshadowed the Philadelphia Eagles to finish the regular season as the division leader. But their postseason misery didn’t let them advance further. Fans trolled Parson for snubbing the Browns while his own squad has been unsuccessful in advancing to the Super Bowl race.

A user wrote,”Dallas is Dallas. Perennial Super Bowl dreams 1st round exit reality.”

Both the Browns and Cowboys are terrible in the postseason race. Now, as both squads got out of the Lombardi trophy race, they should prepare to bounce back strongly next season.


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