Bucs’ QB Baker Mayfield reveals lack of encouragement from Tom Brady

Tom Brady has always been an icon for NFL fans during his prolonged two-decade career with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From postseason appearances to Super Bowl appearances, and wins as well as passing yards, touchdowns along with some incredible comebacks, TB12 has proved himself a true hero on the football field.

After retiring from the league, the seven-time Super Bowl champion is having a busy schedule spending time with his children, and applying his back-to-back business acumen. Meanwhile, the Patriots and Bucs are still waiting to have a legendary quarterback like their three-time NFL MVP.

Former QB focuses on Patriots after brief Bucs stint

The Patriots starter Mac Jones is coming off an underwhelming sophomore season. Following Tom Brady’s departure from the team, they have been struggling to find another franchise QB on the roster.

While the first-round Draft pick has taken the responsibility of Bill Belichick’s scolding this offseason and is trying to showcase his potential on the field, the Patriots former QB1 has reached out to him as a mentor. During a recent appearance on WEEI radio, Mac said the California Cool has communicated with him via text.

“He’s definitely a legend. I have all the respect for him, he’s a great guy…He’s actually helped me a lot already, just talking to him or whatever. He’s been a great mentor and stuff. He’s a great player.”

Tom Brady

The 25-year-old heaped praise on Tom Brady’s athletic prowess, and said that he enjoys watching the retired NFL star’s game tapes.

“Love watching his film. … He pops up on game tape, obviously, from last year and everything, too. He’s always on the film doing the right thing, so just trying to learn from him. He’s been awesome.”

Ex-Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty earlier sent shockwaves among the fans by posting a photo with the two quarterbacks this summer. Seemingly the Pats’ current dual-threat also received some direct encouraging advice from the future Hall of Famer.

Bucs’ Baker Mayfield prepares for a season of high expectations

Tom Terrific played with the Buccaneers for a relatively short tenure, albeit he didn’t fail to impress the Bucs fans by winning a Lombardi trophy in this timeframe. After his departure from the team, Mayfield is going to shoulder a heavy burden in the upcoming season.

The 46-year-old signal-caller has always been a mentor for the young stars in the league. While the former QB reached out to Jones with words of encouragement, fans, and analysts speculated the same treatment from him for Bucs’ current starter. However, Baker Mayfield revealed he didn’t get any such text from his successor when asked by the reporters.

Tom Brady

New England will open their 2023 season against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 10 while Tampa Bay will face off against the Minnesota Vikings on the same day. Do you think that the two quarterbacks of the franchises will be able to establish themselves as reliable weapons in the absence of Tom Brady? Tell us your opinions in the comment section.


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