Jake Haener’s suspension for 6 games after failed PED test adds uncertainty to Saints’ 2023 season start

After having a rough offense last season and struggling much in spite of having a good coaching staff, the New Orleans Saints wanted to bolster their offense with some destructive power. Hence, they acquired Jake Haener through a trade back into the 2023 NFL Draft, and at the start of Week 1, they listed him as the team’s fourth quarterback.

Haener was chosen by the Saints to add fierce competition in their quarterback room even though he lacks the high-level natural talent desired in early starters. Prior to the regular season, the rookie quarterback was caught violating the league’s policy which brought a significant punishment for him in return.

Saints grapple with QB Jake Haener’s unexpected suspension

Infraction of the NFL’s performance-enhancing policy resulted in Jake’s suspension. He was scheduled to miss the season’s opening six games, but the leagues did not include any compensation for his act.

The Saints selected the Fresno State quarterback in the sixth round out of a total of 14. Despite possessing three other QBs in Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, and Taysom Hill, the New Orleans team was so excited to give the rookie quarterback a strong opportunity to establish his spot in the league that they signed him to the 53-man roster.

Jake claimed in the social media post that he was completely ignorant of the drug for which he was penalized after the league suspended him. The 24-year-old said he had never considered breaking the rules of his ideal league.

“I recently learned that I tested positive for a substance banned by the NFL earlier this summer. I still do not know how the substance got into my body, as none of my supplements or prescribed medications contain the banned ingredient. I would never knowingly cheat the game that I love.”

Later, Haener accepted the entire responsibility for the incident on his own shoulders and begged for forgiveness for accidentally humiliating his family and the Saints.

“However I must take full responsibility for the failed test. I apologize to the Saints organization, my friends and my family for any distraction this suspension may cause.

Jake became the second Saints player to begin the season on suspension with the addition of the ban, joining Alvin Kamara. However, on October 16, Haener can rejoin the Saints’ list of active players.

Saints will start their season with a clash Vs the Panthers

With a competitive series history on Monday Night Football, the Saints and Carolina Panthers will face battle in Week 2’s opening contest. The matchup is scheduled for September 18 at 6:15 p.m. EST.

Counting both regular season and postseason games, the rivals have faced off a total of 57 times. The Saints were able to win 29 of those games, while the Panthers prevailed in 28 of them.


The two clubs are slated to face off twice each during the regular season as they are the NFC South’s division rivals. Last season, the Panthers won both of their encounters with the Saints, first by a score of 22-14 at home in week 3 and then by a score of 10-7 away in week 18.

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