Buffaloes HC Deion Sanders’ coaching staff gains major boost after NFL Legend Warren Sapp joined Colorado

As far as college football coaches are concerned, Deion Sanders is right at the top of that list. After reaching great heights with Jackson State University, Coach Prime has entered a new era with the Colorado Buffaloes. Bringing his son Shedeur Sanders along to hone his skills for the draft next year, Deion and his band of merry men will look to bring more laurels to this fabled institution.

Recently, the Buffaloes have made a few more additions to their coaching squads, which have sent the NFL community into a tizzy. These additions have been aimed at streamlining the offensive threat of the team and making it more potent than ever before.

Warren Sapp gives Deion Sanders’ coaching staff massive boost

Ahead of the upcoming college football season, the Colorado Buffaloes have roped in NFL legend and one of the greatest defensive tackles in the modern game, Warren Sapp, as part of their coaching staff. His role would be to shore up the leaky defense and ensure that the offensive threat of the side is as potent as ever, given the defensive solidity of the line-up.

Ahead of his inclusion to the squad, Sapp said, “Senior quality control analyst, it’s a mouthful, and you’ll hear me before you see me most of the time. But what we gonna do is, big fellas – stance, alignment and assignment … We’re gonna pour concrete because you know I like nice stuff. And we’re building mansions here, so that’s why I’m here – to help you build your mansion.”

The news of Sapp’s inclusion to the coaching staff at Colorado made its way to social media. The NFL community across the country erupted in welcoming messages for the former Hall-of-Famer, who was finally stepping into the next stage of almost every popular NFL athlete.

One user commented, “The goats always bring in more goats,” while another quipped, “Two Hall of Famers on the staff for the Buffs.”

Why did Deion Sanders issue severe warning to Colorado players?

Ahead of the new season, Deion Sanders finally put his team together and gave them a taste of what they can expect from the coaching staff this year.

According to Fox Sports, Coach Prime said, “Right now, I’m thinking about when we get back [to Boulder] and check in on Sunday. I pray that everyone checks back in, and no one is screaming they missed a flight. That’s why we tell ’em to be back on Saturday, so you’re already there for Sunday. 

The reason behind Sanders issuing such a warning was to ensure that his team stays locked in at all times throughout this season, considering what happened in his first stint with the Buffaloes. The much-hyped Buffaloes finished dead last in the Pac-12 last season after showing a lot of promises. This season, however, the team looks well set to hit the ground running and ensure a better overall result.

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