Roman Reigns shares massive leukemia treatment update ahead of WWE WrestleMania 40

Roman Reigns is set to appear alongside The Rock for a tag team match against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins coming up on Saturday night at WrestleMania 40. Reigns has made it blatantly clear that the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship is never escaping from his grasp, not even to Cody Rhodes.

Just recently, it was revealed that Roman Reigns is still taking medication for leukemia. The massive leukemia treatment update ahead of WWE WrestleMania 40 has made fans worried about how this may affect The Tribal Chief’s future.

Roman Reigns’ latest update on leukemia treatment

When it comes to Anoi’a wrestling greats, Roman Reigns—the Head of the Table—is up there with the best of them. The WWE superstar has experienced a remarkable ascent since 2020, but faced a setback two years earlier when he had to relinquish his title due to a leukemia diagnosis. Fortunately, The Big Dog made a triumphant return to Monday Night RAW following a significant absence, revealing that he had successfully overcome his battle with cancer.

In recent updates, it has come to the attention of WWE fans that Roman’s cancer might have never truly left his body throughout these years. Finally, The Tribal Chief confirmed that he still takes medication to prevent his disease from spreading further.

During a documentary interview, Roman said that to stop leukemia, one needs a special medicine, which he continues to this day., “For leukemia, if you caught it in an early stage like I did, you’re able to take a medication, a very important medication, that I am still on to this day.”

When was Roman Reigns diagnosed with leukemia?

Roman broke the devastating news of his leukemia diagnosis at the end of 2018. The superstar, who was once the Universal Champion, decided to relinquish his title and take a break from competition. This news crushed fans, but it was necessary for Roman’s continuing development.

A couple of months later, Reigns made his grand comeback on WWE TV on the February 2019 episode of Monday Night RAW. Roman later revealed to Variety the struggles he had to endure to get to where he was.

“This whole period of the past few months, it’s really solidified my views on family and your support system and just being around the ones you love, trying to capitalize on that love and spread it,” Roman said. “It was nice coming back with those guys, and it was more than just me. It’s a unique time for us. We’ve grown as performers and young me to be able to handle a split to where we were separated…but it was nice to be able to put that aside after being out for five months and entertain the fans. It felt fitting to come back in and lean on those guys one more time.”

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