Chiefs’ Andy Reid offers his candid thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship: “She’s got a great guy”

Andy Reid is easily one of the top-performing head coaches in the country. His penchant for epic performances from his side has seen the Kansas City Chiefs achieve greatness, featuring in three Super Bowls over the last three years.

Andy Reid has achieved so much success with all the teams he has coached because of the relationships he builds with his players. One of his best relationships off the field happens to be with Chiefs starlet Travis Kelce, and that is why he spoke about his recent relationship with global pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Andy Reid shares his thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine on the occasion of Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday, the mercurial coach spoke about his feelings regarding her newfound romance with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. He said, “Listen, I’m a big fan so I’m glad she was here and I hope she enjoyed it. She’s got a great guy she’s dating right now, so I’m happy for both of them.”

He added, “I knew her from Philadelphia; her dad was a big NFL fan, so I met her when she was young, and her dad. I joked about setting Kelce up, and, you know, I’m just saying!” Reid said, laughing with the show’s host. She’s a good girl, she’s into it, we’re glad she’s here.”

Why did the NFL penalize Andy Reid $100,000?

We all know that the NFL is a passionate sport. However, in the cases of people out there on the sidelines, the passion gets the better of them. On numerous occasions, we have seen head coaches and players get fined for dissent and unsportsmanlike conduct. But now it was the turn of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and his star player, Patrick Mahomes.

After the shock defeat against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday evening, HC Andy Reid was fined $100,000 on counts of violating long-standing rules prohibiting public criticism of game officials.

Patrick Mahomes, on the other hand, was only fined $50,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct during the game against Buffalo. It’s safe to say that netizens around the country were shocked at the fines and voiced their opinion on X (formerly Twitter). One user commented, “Getting mad at the right call is interesting.” while another quipped, “Fair enough but they should publish fines and sanctions for officials that blatantly miss calls.”

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