Taylor Swift’s friend stirs speculation about a symbolic opal ring from Travis Kelce after Chiefs co-owner’s extravagant gift

Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday has been the subject of media attention for a while now. This occasion has become so special because of the newest addition of her beau, Chiefs starlet Travis Kelce, to her posse.

Now that her birthday has passed, it is time to look at some of the extravagant gifts she received on this occasion. It turns out it wasn’t just Travis Kelce showering the global pop sensation with love.

Keleigh Sperry adds intrigue to the mystery about Swift’s opal ring

The speculation behind the gifts received by Taylor Swift has gained traction over the past few weeks. One of the biggest reasons behind this speculation has been the advent and fandom associated with the relationship between Swift and Travis Kelce. However, Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller might just have added another layer of beautiful mystery to Travis’ birthday gift.

From the looks of it, Taylor Swift was gifted a beautiful opal ring by her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The standout feature of the band displays an extended-looking opal gemstone surrounded by a ring of black gemstones at its outer edge. In the photo, Sperry, 31, can be seen shaking hands with the “Lover” singer and taking a closer look at Swift’s stunning jewelry.

As it turns out, Travis Kelce was not in attendance at his girlfriend’s birthday party. This was because he had to attend a mandatory practice session scheduled by head coach Andy Reid for the Kansas City Chiefs.

 Taylor Swift receives $5k gift from Hunt family at Chiefs game

The Hunt Family, owners of the Kansas City Chiefs outfit, have always been at the forefront of celebrations and fandom around the team. On the occasion of the birthday of one of their star players’ girlfriends, the Hunt sisters spared no measure for the gift.

Gracie and Ava Hunt gifted the global pop sensation a $5000 Judith Leiber Swarovski microphone clutch for her birthday. The gift was greatly appreciated by Taylor Swift, as she posed for a photo with Gracie Hunt with the bag in hand. In the caption, Gracie wrote, “Happy birthday to this queen. Bright, beautiful, beyond, talented and engaging… easiest decision Time Magazine ever made for Person of the Year. Hope it’s the best & most blessed year yet.”

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