Chiefs LB Willie Gay takes sly dig at Cam Newton after ex-NFL QB reportedly rejected $5.5 million offer from Jets

Since donning a Carolina Panthers uniform in 2021, Cam Newton hasn’t participated in any NFL games. The unsigned free agent has recently gained attention once more as a potential face for the New York Jets to fill the void of Aaron Rodgers. 

The former Panthers player was seemingly not interested in the speculations and shut down the door by setting million-dollar conditions for the Jets. But Newton could not satisfy the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay’s words and shot back at him with some pinch-full words. 

Willie Gay slams Cam Newton’s decision

The Jets were on cloud nine after acquiring Rodgers in a mega deal with the Green Bay Packers, yet their all hopes were dashed by the Jet superstar’s season-ending injury in his debut match in the Big Apple. This led them to find solutions with their inexperienced Zach Wilson. Though Zach disheartened the Jet fans in their first three games, his strong comeback in their last battle against the Kansas City Chiefs attracted the attention of Rodgers as well.

The Jet’s comeback with the Chiefs also collected recognition from Willie and following their winning night the linebacker raved about the Jet’s offense against themselves. 

“(I see) a team that wants to run the ball. A-Rod [Aaron Rodgers] got hurt and it turned into a team where [it’s] like panic mode, almost. That’s what I see, at least. They’ve got great running backs, so now they’re just trying to pound it. Pound and ground. I feel like the running backs have been rolling. Like I said, three great ones, so I feel like that’s their game plan,” he said following the Cheifs vs Jets game.

Amid these Cam Newton got a name among some potential quarterbacks as the Jets hinted that another quarterback move could be on the horizon, keeping Wilson as their starter. Yet, Newton issued a vehement remark, which in turn indicated his reluctance to sign with the Jets.

Nevertheless, the Chiefs linebacker could not believe Cam’s words and did not hold back saying the free-agent quarterback would be on the first flight for New York if he got an offer from Rodger’s team.

“That mane would be on the first flight out to NY,” Gay Jr. wrote on his Instagram.

Cam Newton played for the New England Patriots during his final full season in the league in 2020. After playing 11 seasons in the NFL, the former All-Pro completely disappeared from the league.

Update on Cam Newton’s move to the Jets

Although many names have been linked to the probable Jets quarterback speculation, Cam Newton is maybe the first to express disdain about the reports. Cam Newton recently made an appearance on the “RG3 and The Ones” podcast alongside Robert Griffin III, a former NFL quarterback. He answered inquiries on the program regarding his desire to begin a career with the Jets.

Cam Newton
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In response, the 34-year-old rejected the Jets’ low-value offer and wanted a contract that would pay him $5.5 million a year. He also sought a cohesive team and a well-defined strategy, claiming that he was still in good enough shape to take the starting spot on any team.

“You not about to sit here and penny pinch me, bro. I’m about to sit up here and sign no $5.5 (million) deal, bro. Those days are over with. I’d be wasting my time. Because I will tell you if you don’t think I could be on a roster right now I could. But it’s bigger than that to me. Am I in shape right now? Hell yeah.”

After inviting veteran backup Trevor Siemian in for a visit, the Jets last week signed him to their practice squad. However, no concrete information about the Jet’s interest in Newton was released. Gay’s perspective should therefore be considered to be valid in this context.

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