Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes swaps jersey with Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmann following dominant victory over Dolphins in Germany

From an unknown rookie quarterback to an A-list player who subsequently grabbed Alex Smith’s place in Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes got a bounty of fame. With the Kansas City Chiefs winning streak, the quarterback is also on the way to bagging a pile of accolades to add more milestones to his stellar resume.

Given how well-known Patrick is to Americans, Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid was inspired to participate in a jersey swap with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, demonstrating the extent of the Chiefs player’s appeal.

Patrick Mahomes swaps jerseys with Antoine Griezmann

The Chiefs are coming from a nightmare-filled Week 8 when the Chiefs had to digest their second loss while losing Mahomes’ two impressive records over the Denver Broncos. The loss was dreadful for the team as they were approaching Week 9, having the Miami Dolphins as their rival.

Nevertheless,  the floundering Chiefs team regained their footing against the Dolphins, closing the night with a 21-14 win and improving to 7-2 in the first-ever NFL game in Frankfurt, Germany. Patrick Mahomes switched jerseys with the forward for Atletico Madrid after playing the Chiefs’ international match in Germany.

Before exchanging the jerseys with each other in Frankfurt, the two were seen signing them. Sunday afternoon’s gathering didn’t end before participants posed for photos.

Patrick Mahomes performance vs the Dolphins

The Chiefs and the Dolphins embarked on the Week 9 game sitting at 6-2, hinting at fierce competition among the teams, per Daily Mail. In addition, the Dolphins had the finest offense in the NFL, and the Chiefs came into the game rated No. 4 with 23.4.

Nevertheless,  though the Chiefs’ offense did not improve much, they knocked the Dolphins down and advanced their position as the Super Bowl contender of this season. After improving much in the first half by leading the Dolphins by 21-0, the Chiefs could not add a single point in the last half of the game, while the Dolphins decreased the difference by scoring 14 points in the second half.

In spite of their win,  the 28-year-old came out with another disappointing night after recording his second-career low performances in the previous week with zero touchdowns. In his European debut, Mahomes put up a season-low 185 yards with two touchdowns against the Dolphins.

The two-time MVP’s poor performance was attributed to inclement weather and his illness in Week 8, but in this game, it was likely only his own performance that was to blame.

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