Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is confident Patrick Mahomes to ‘catch’ Tom Brady on GOAT status

The New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar Tom Brady is widely regarded as the GOAT of the NFL and some fans even arguably call him the GOAT of American sports. The quarterback served the football world for more than two decades before retiring in February this year. However, sports enthusiasts have not yet gotten over him as they get excited even if the veteran jokes about his comeback.

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is considered as the most eligible current QB to outshine Brady in the run of being the greatest in the league. Even the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce now thinks his teammate can snatch the title from TB12 soon.

Travis Kelce on Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady

The Chiefs are 6-1 this season, and besides joining hands with Mahomes in F1 investment, Travis Kelce and his QB have been ruling the football field with magnificent athleticism to grab consecutive wins. Pat, as the leader, undoubtedly deserves a loud cheer for the wins.

During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, the TE didn’t shy away from heaping praise on his fellow teammate by marking him as the next GOAT in the NFL, keeping deep respect for Brady.

“Obviously I got all the respect for Tom Brady. I wasn’t able to get him in the playoffs, so I’ve been Tom Brady multiple times in my career, so I got all the love for him. He’s the GOAT and the best to ever do it but I think right now the rate that Pat is at, how he’s doing it, I think it’s a little more all on Pat than it was on Brady,” he said via Bleacher Report.

Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs QB has been named Pro Bowler in each of his first five seasons as a starter while having other accolades like two first-team All-Pro nods as well as two MVPs. Meanwhile, Brady earned Pro Bowler title honors three times in his first five seasons as a starter, and the other two accolades were not in his luck till that tenure. Hence, the Chiefs TE thinks his buddy is all set to outshine the ex-NFL vet.

“At least Brady’s first couple of years to where Pat is now… I just think one-five has an ability to find a way to get things done even when it breaks down or he’s got to make this crazy throw across field and that’s just something you haven’t seen in the NFL and he’s been doing it since his first snap and I think he’s going to play a long, long time. So I think he’ll catch him in all the accolades but I think the biggest thing is always going to be those Super Bowls. That’s a lot of Super Bowls.”, Kelce said.

The Chiefs are coming off a 14-point win over the Los Angeles Chargers in week 7, and Patrick Mahomes once again showcased his MVP-level performance in the match by completing 32 of 42 passes for 424 yards and throwing four touchdown passes. With this constant display of stellar performances, he surely deserves such high praise from his fellow teammates and fans alike.

How many Super Bowls does Patrick Mahomes need to catch Tom Brady?

Mahomes has won two Super Bowls in his first six seasons with the Chiefs since 2016. He needs to grab five more Super Bowls to match Brady’s incredible seven-time champion mark.

The signal-caller also needs to make 10 Super Bowl appearances to match the California Cool. During an early interview with NBC Sports’ Peter King, the Chiefs star revealed his wish to overshadow TB12 in the run of Lombardi trophy titles, albeit he also acknowledged that reaching the mark is “crazy to even think about.”

“Seven’s a lot, but I’ll strive to get as close as I can. To win seven Super Bowls and be in 10 Super Bowls, it’s crazy to even think about, even for me today. The other stats kinda come with it. I knew at Texas Tech, I put up a lot of stats but didn’t win games. When I got to the NFL, I knew I wanted to be a winner [first]. Try to win Super Bowls and give my team the best that I can.”

Patrick Mahomes

Tom Terrific had owned three Lombardi trophies in his first five seasons as a starter while Pat had earned two in six years. Besides that, Brady did the quarterbacking job for 23 seasons and remained an elite star till the end of his career. Hence, Mahomes’ other challenge will be to stay healthy and prolific besides playing for a prolonged period in the league.

Do you think that Patrick Mahomes can succeed Tom Brady as the NFL GOAT? Tell us in the comments.


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