NFL reduces Broncos S Kareem Jackson’s original 4-game suspension to 2 games following appeal

Apart from a struggling defense led by Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos’ collective defense is also showing historically bad performance, though it was supposed to be the team’s X factor owing to their powerful lineup coming into the season. Failure in leading his team in the defense with playmaking abilities seemingly prompted the Broncos’ safety Kareem Jackson to play with physical force.

Yet, perhaps he has forgotten there are cameras surrounding him to report his aggressiveness to the NFL. Hence, he was caught by the league, digesting a good number of suspensions, though the league recently again modified their decision for him.

Kareem Jackson’s original 4-game suspension reduced

The Broncos 14-years seasoned safety perhaps wanted to write down his name beside the Seattle Seahawks’ player DK Metcalf, showing unnecessary roughness over their opposite team players. Hence, like Metcalf, Jackson also drew the attention of the authorities. 

Yet, the 35-year-old met more misfortune than Metcalf. While the Seahawks player had been flagged and penalized, Jackson got a suspension for four games as well as a hefty fine from the NFL. 

Kareem Jackson pleaded his case to hearing officer Derrick Brooks to reduce his suspension. Fortunately, his case was considered as the authorities announced Tuesday and his ban was reduced from four to two games.

The Broncos player has been fined a total of $89,670 by the league for four separate roughness violations prior to the latest incident that saw him suspended for four games. Nevertheless, for the suspension, he will not be able to take the field for his team against the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

In Week 11, against the Minnesota Vikings, Kareem Jackson will now be available to play again.

What reason Kareem Jackson was suspended for?

The incident occurred during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers. After being judged “defenseless,” Packers tight end Luke Musgrave made a catch, went down with the ball, and then quickly moved into Kareem Jackson’s path.

Abruptly, Jackson lowered his helmet and delivered a powerful blow. The Broncos veteran player was kicked out for the remainder of the game as a result of this occurrence.

As per the NFL regulations, if a player intentionally strikes a defenseless player’s head or neck region with their helmet, facemask, forearm, or shoulder, it will result in a foul call. As a result, NFL Vice President of Football Operations Jon Runyan had to issue a letter of warning to him due to his on-field aggression.

“On the play in question, you delivered a forceful blow to the head/neck area of a defenseless receiver, when you had the time and space to avoid such contact. You could have made contact with your opponent within the rules, yet you chose not to,” the letter read, per ESPN.

The safety was ejected for the second time this season. Prior to that, in Week 2, he hit Logan Thomas, the tight end for the Washington Commanders, in the end zone. Thomas was declared out of the game by the Commanders due to a concussion he sustained after his collision.

Metcalf is adamant not to change his style of play. Do you think Jackson will also follow his footsteps?

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