Cold history of Wilt Chamberlain’s former abode that fetched $9.7 million on market

Wilt Chamberlain left an everlasting legacy in the game of basketball and can be easily regarded as one of the pillars of the NBA that we love today. The ill-tempered center emphatically marked his territory throughout his playing career which made him a household name all over the United States.

While Chamberlain left numerous records to his name, the larger-than-life figure left valuable belongings that are among the holy grails for any basketball fanatic. One such marvel linked with the Sixers legend is his mansion built in the early 70s that was customized according to his musical mind, and which has now emerged in the limelight.

Wilt Chamberlain’s old mansion has interesting history

Recently one of Wilt Chamberlain’s priced possessions has changed hands and understandably drew the public attention. The mansion was customized by the late NBA legend over 2.5 acres of hilltop land in Bel Air.

The two-time NBA championship winner bought it in 1970 for $150,000 and tasked architect David Tenneson Rich to design the bachelor pad known for $1.5 million. The mansion became known as “Ursa Major” keeping in mind Wilt Chamberlain’s 7’1″ height and his stardom that reflects the night sky constellation of the same name.

But the grounds on which the property was built have a history of its own. The site was formerly used as an anti-aircraft missile launch site during the Cold War era. The historical value has remained intact as the property has changed hands for $9.7 million to a cryptocurrency entrepreneur named Erik Voorhees.

The house though has gone through changes over the years in its interior setup which was initially built keeping in mind the NBA Hall of Famer’s massive stature. Despite that, the current owner can take pride in the fact that the piece of art serves as one of Wilt Chamberlain’s memorabilia which has seen its fair share of a massive political conflict.

Wilt Chamberlain missed out on millions of dollars after Ike Richman’s death

While fans drool over Wilt Chamberlain’s impressive real estate choice, it is safe to say he could’ve made more of such properties with the fortune he could’ve amassed.

The Big Dipper was a staple in the Sixers fixtures and made him an endearing figure to Ike Richman, the then-owner of the franchise. Richman co-owned the team with Irv Kosloff. Richman’s close ties with Chamberlain stemmed from their life before the Sixers. Richman was the personal attorney to Wilt Chamberlain who the NBA star respected as a father figure.

It was reported that the Sixers co-owner wanted to give Wilt 25% ownership of the 76ers. But tragedy struck in 1965 when Richman suffered a cardiac arrest and following his demise the controlling power went to his partner Kosloff. Kosloff did not honor the agreement and Wilt moved on to the Lakers in 1968 where he won his two NBA championships by becoming one of the most dominating postseason players with his triple-doubles spree.

Had the 4-time NBA MVP agreed to Richman’s offer earlier he could have profited in millions and given the current worth of the Sixers, the amount could easily exceed $600 million. Even without the boatload of cash, he could’ve possessed, Wilt Chamberlain made a lavish living out of his influential NBA career as his magical moments live on a priceless life in the minds of the fans.

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