Days after beefing with AEW star Kenny Omega, Demetrious Johnson’s question raises pro-wrestling switch speculation

The highly anticipated video game showdown between ONE flyweight MMA world champion, Demetrious Johnson and AEW icon Kenny Omega is set to captivate fans worldwide. This extraordinary clash will unfold in Street Fighter 6.

The clash evolved from a simple call-out on social media into a full-fledged televised event. Demetrious Johnson, known as one of the greatest MMA fighters in history, is also an avid video game enthusiast.

Demetrious Johnson appears at AEW WrestleDream

Mighty Mouse discovered Kenny Omega’s legendary status in Street Fighter 6. Seizing the opportunity, he issued a challenge to the multi-time pro wrestling champion. This led to the creation of this high-stakes gaming match on Street Fighter 6.

Demetrious Johnson promoted the event on AEW and further discussed it on his YouTube podcast, Mightycast. The convergence of Johnson’s MMA prowess and Omega’s professional wrestling achievements has generated immense excitement. Fans eagerly anticipate this unique crossover in the realm of video games.

Following his recent exchange with AEW star Kenny Omega, Demetrious Johnson has set a flurry of speculation surrounding a potential transition to professional wrestling. The fervor surrounding Johnson’s confrontation with Omega has prompted fans and pundits to consider the prospect of the former UFC flyweight champion and current One flyweight champion entering the world of pro wrestling.

Demetrious Johnson
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The speculation reached new heights when Demetrious Johnson surprisingly appeared at AEW’s WrestleDream event, adding an unexpected layer to the unfolding narrative. His unanticipated cameo has intensified the speculation and fans are analyzing every detail of his presence at the wrestling spectacle.

Notable MMA stars who have crossed the pro wrestling divide

The crossover between MMA and professional wrestling has witnessed several notable stars successfully navigating both worlds, showcasing their versatility and charisma. One of the most iconic examples is Brock Lesnar, who rose to fame in WWE, transitioned to UFC, and later returned to WWE, establishing himself as a dominant force in both sports.

With the merger of UFC and WWE into TKO, it is presumed that several crossovers may be in the works. Notably, Dan Lambert, the owner of American Top Team has appeared in the AEW events with fighters from his gym. Notably, Kayla Harrison, Junior Dos Santos, and Jorge Masvidal appeared in some events with Lambert.

In addition to Lesnar, several others have crossed over. They are: Ronda Rousey, an Olympic judoka and former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, made a successful transition to WWE. Ken Shamrock is a pioneer in both MMA and professional wrestling. CM Punk, after a flourishing WWE career ventured into MMA with a stint in UFC.

Dan Severn, known for his time in UFC also graced professional wrestling. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, the former UFC light heavyweight champion has made appearances in TNA Wrestling. Matt Riddle, a former UFC fighter, transitioned to professional wrestling and has become a prominent figure in WWE.

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