Despite earning $61 million in NBA career, Joe Smith says he barely had $3,000 when wife turned to Onlyfans

Former NBA player Joe Smith is again in the headlines, but this time it’s not because of his wife’s turning over to OnlyFans. Smith has been dealing with a failing relationship with his partner Kisha Chavis, who has become a popular creator on the adult platform OF.

The couple had heated arguments about the topic, and Smith had even left his house. Kisha however was hellbent on continuing her OF career. She had blamed the former NBA star for not being financially stable, which was assumed to be a false statement given that Smith had earned good money in his career but now it looks like she was right.

Joe Smith talks on being broke despite earning $61 million

Joe Smith made an appearance on VladTV on YouTube, where the former Milwaukee Bucks player talked about a lot of things. Among those discussions was Smith’s revelation of being broke, with just $3,000 left out of the $61 million he made in his entire career.

Smith said in the interview on VladTV, “It was a very low point. When I say I was in a deep, deep depression, like messed up mentally, I am telling you I was there.”

During the interview, Smith also recalled his time in the reality show “Back in the Game.” The show was hosted by Alex Rodriguez, who helped former athletes and entertainers get back on their feet financially after facing hard times. Smith said that he was “left out to dry” after the show ended and was not able to contact anyone from the show.

”But once they finished shooting that was it. I could not get in touch with anybody at the show… So I was just left out to dry after that show aired,” said Smith on VladTV. Smith said that he did not regret doing the show as he received a lot of feedback from it.

The financial problems of the former player became public in October when a video of him and his wife arguing surfaced online. The couple was arguing about Kisha’s OnlyFans career, with money being cited as her reason for starting an OnlyFans account.

Is Joe Smith’s wife on Onlyfans?

Joe Smith and his wife Kisha Chavis made headlines when a video of the couple arguing surfaced on the internet. The argument between the couple was regarding Kisha’s OnlyFans account which Smith was unaware of. A lot of drama ensued following this initial revelation and Smith even left his house and went to stay at his sister’s house.

Joe Smith
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However, his wife stood her ground and was relentless in pursuing a career on OnlyFans. According to TMZ, it was revealed that Kisha was initially an adult movie actress who went by the name Yasmine Pendavis.

Kisha blamed Smith for not being financially stable and stated that she “needed money,” which drove her to start an OnlyFans account. Kisha Chavis still maintains an OnlyFans account, entertaining her subscribers on the popular adult platform.

What do you think of Joe Smith’s story of fighting depression? Do you think Kisha Chavis is right? We are eager to know your thoughts, so let us know down in the comments.

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