Dolphins $120 million star Tyreek Hill faces $7,000 fine for sockless touchdown celebration

Tyreek Hill, known for his lightning-fast speed and remarkable agility on the field, has been an instrumental player for the Miami Dolphins since his high-profile $120 million transfer to the team. However, it was not his performance or skills that made headlines this time around.

In a recent game between the Dolphins and the Denver Broncos, star WR Tyreek Hill found himself facing an unexpected fine of $7,000. The reason for this unusual penalty was not due to any on-field misconduct or unsportsmanlike behavior, but rather for something very innocuous.

NFL hits Tyreek Hill with $7,000 fine

In one of the most lopsided scorelines of NFL history, the Miami Dolphins routed the Broncos 70-20. As the game unfolded, Hill’s talents were on full display, and it didn’t take long for him to find the end zone. Following a perfectly executed pass from Tua Tagovialoa, Hill sprinted into the end zone, something that would ultimately cost him more than he had bargained for.

The NFL recently slapped a $7000 fine on the WR because of the fact that he wasn’t wearing any socks during the first touchdown. Upon being asked for his comments on the incident, Hill said, “In the Broncos game, the first touchdown, I didn’t have any socks on at all. But I was getting an IV and I didn’t want to be late for the play. So I didn’t have time to put on my socks.”

“It was like $7,000, but I’m appealing and when I appeal it’s probably going to get reduced”, he added.

Dolphins secured Hill in high-stakes deal with Chiefs

Tyreek Hill was signed by the Miami Dolphins in 2022 after a very high-stake deal with the Kansas City Chiefs that saw the 1st, 2nd, and 4th round picks for the 2022 draft move to the Arrowhead. Here’s a look back at the reasons behind this deal.

The decision to trade Tyreek Hill came at a crucial moment in his career when he was seeking a contract extension that could have made him the NFL’s highest-paid wide receiver. However, the Kansas City Chiefs faced a significant challenge in making this happen, as they had already committed to a blockbuster $450 million deal for their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Prior to the trade, there were rumors connecting Hill’s name to the Jets, but it was the Miami Dolphins who emerged as the frontrunners with an aggressive offer. What sealed the deal for the Dolphins was their willingness to part with a first-round draft pick in exchange for the Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl 54 champion.

After the trade, the Dolphins successfully secured Hill’s future by signing him to a four-year, $120 million contract, with an impressive $72.2 million guaranteed.

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